Stops Run – But No Lower Low

When a relatively small group of individuals armed with the most advanced computers known to man control 75-80% of daily trade volume (that’s right – 3 out of 4 trades placed daily are those placed by Wall St. algo/machines), is it really any surprise that yesterday “happened”?

Can you imagine every poor kid with his only 2k / piddly lil trading account jumping in both feet / margined / leveraged to the hilt, thinkin they just made the entry of the century?

It’s sad I know, and I do feel bad for them but….you learn from your mistakes, as I can say from experience – having made many over the years.

I can only assume the big boys took this opportunity to take candy from a baby, as billions poured into markets after the Fed chatter Wednesday afternoon. The U.S Dollar retested and went a wee bit higher ( running all stops on trades placed Wednesday afternoon ) and stocks inversely did exactly the same thing.

These turns don’t happen on a dime, especially one as significant as this….as we look to make the final leg up in this ridiculously overblown nonsensical market – you think the big boys are just gonna let you jump onboard day one?

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