You Don’t Get Up Early Enough – Nikkei Down -684

Invest if you’re gonna invest, and leave it at that.

I for one, take my early crypto purchases ( bought a couple hundred Ethereum at 170 bux in 2018 ) as an investment – not a trade.

But if you’re gonna trade – you likely don’t get up early enough. if you don’t “already know” what the market open is gonna look like “prior to the open” well…you need to reset your alarm.

Where are we in the daily cycle? The weekly cycle? What happened in Japan overnight (as they’ve already put in a full day’s trading)? Are we extremely overbought / oversold (use the 21 day RSI)? What news may have come out overnight that may dramatically affect markets? Where’s the U.S dollar at?

All things you need to consider before you even THINK about any specific company’s profit ‘n loss or balance sheet, let alone placing a trade.

You think the big boys are pouring over earnings reports when the market as a whole is totally oversold and potentially in free fall? Common. Seriously….this is one big math puzzle to solve day in / day out…no CNBC news flash gonna solve it for you.

You need to work harder if you wanna do this for a living. It’s work – simple as that.

So on that note….we are waaaaay late in the daily cycle (looking for a swing low, and subsequent follow through to confirm a new daily cycle).

The weekly cycle suggests that this very well may be a “yearly low” and a fantastic buying opportunity ( not today jackass as these are weekly candles ).

We are completely and totally oversold on the RSI. Russia just had it’s victory parade and the U.S dollar has just turned negative as of this writing.

There you go. Not that hard.

I’d be looking for buying opportunities as this looks like capitulation as well (when newbies and retail finally throw in their towels), but that doesn’t mean “today”.

We need to see “confirmation of a trend change” before gettin’ all gitty. I’ll explain later….”or” you could just look it up!

Get to work!

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