CannaOne (CSE:CNNA)-Could This be the Linchpin of the Global Cannabis Industry?

CBD Sales Increasing Online

CannaOne Building CBD Marketplaces

Technology companies will play a massive role in the green rush as we pivot from speculation into reality – actual sales!

There is no doubt that cannabis technology companies such as CannaOne Technologies Inc. (CSE:CNNA) will become some of the highest valued in the industry.

Technology has transformed every industry we know. Now the biggest players in the world are tech companies, defining their competitive advantage through innovation.

To think that something that weighs grams, fits into an envelope while being worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars won’t be ordered online is just plain silly.

CannaOne appears to be very well positioned (and extremely undervalued) considering the massive CBD market estimates. Experts are seeing the potential for CBD and related products to actually outpace the already blossoming marijuana market. Incredible!

CannaOne (CSE:CNNA) Is Poised to Emulate Amazon – Swapping “CBD” for “Books”

  • Marketplaces dominate ecom sales
  • Why – customers will stick around if you have an option for everything there looking for and it cost a lot more money to acquire a new customer versus keeping them
  • Why – you attract more consumers online through all the brands and products you carry offering amble touch points to bring new customers in
  • Why – you need to reach a critical mass where enough customers can review, compare product to build trust with the community and create word of mouth.

“A New Report Predicts CBD Market Will Hit $22 Billion by 2022”


“Our goal is to launch online marketplaces in Canada, America, Mexico and Europe in the next 12 months.  Once we have flagship platforms built in these different countries around the world we will have access to almost a billion potential customers.”


CBD Vs THC Trends Shows Where the True Money Lies in the Global Pot Revolution


CDB and THC search popularity chart

Consumer interest in CBD and related products is skyrocketing as the industry continues to evolve. Online sales of CBD will quickly surpass cannabis, and the medical applications are seemingly endless.

  • CBD is non psychoactive.
  • Being said that helps with anxiety, sleep, depression, epilepsy etc.   
  • Will be in every product you can possibly think of from cosmetics to pet food. 
  • Google search queries show massive demand with few options to purchase.


CannaOne’s (CSE:CNNA) Bwell’s Marketplace is Poised to Dominate the Online CBD Space in the US and Here is Why.

  • CannaOne (CSE:CNNA) was founded in 2016, the team has spent years researching and developing core competitive advantages to traditional e-com solution.
  • CannaOne Proprietary Ecom Solution completely focused on CBD / THC attributes to ensure a flawless user experience.
  • Best brands in America have already signed on with the Bwell online marketplace.
  • Advertising Resection- Google / Facebook the online giants for add platforms do not allow CBD ads and bwell has proven their marketing skills with signing up 10,000 users in pre launch campaign  
  • Cannabis Big Data – CannaOne (CSE:CNNA) will have sites set up in multiple country pulling universal structured data from mature and emerging markets with the ability to see trends and predict product recommendation for customers
  • Beautiful Design – just like Apple you can see that the team at CannaOne (CSE:CNNA) pays attention to the details and is invested in design as it’s a critical component in online sales today.   

Bwell screenshot continued

  • Bwell signed up 10,00 customer is just 12 days, that is a massive number of customers.
  • Looking at other CBD products we can assume average cart size could be several hundred dollars.

CannaOne’s Growth Plan  – It’s Easy to Understand Why They’re a True Contender

1 – Mastering Online Marketplaces

Perfection comes through repetition. CannaOne (CSE:CNNA) focus of continually building online marketplace and repeating the strategy over and over again  for every country will prove a emensin amount of leaning to the point of perfection .

2 – Partnering Growth Strategy
Partnering with regional groups to manage local laws and regulations allow them to scale at a  rapid rate, without incurring the massive cost and time associated with building cultivation and receiving licenses.

3 – Stigma Scares Big Tech
Large established technology companies dont want to take the risk of association to cannabis, with the negative stigma and worries of alienating investors and their user base.

4- Cannabis Big Data
Why is Amazon only the second company to hit a Trillion dollar market cap? One of the major drivers is their AI engines will soon predict your purchase before you even click the buy now button. The data Amazon collects and use for machine learning is defining their competitive advantage and drive their business into the future, they don’t guess they predict.  

5- CBD Ecom will soon be THC
If a user base is established in these countries through online CBD marketplace, it would offer as huge advantage when this markets inevitably allows THC. We have seen a massive transformation in the last 3 years and it’s hard to think that THC will not soon join CBD in the online world in many of these counties.

6- Low Capital Requirement


About CannaOne Technologies

CannaOne Technologies (CSE:CNNA) was founded by a team of developers who recognized the tremendous opportunity of the emergence of the commercialized cannabis industry and its growth.

This realization inspired the development of proprietary technologies that provide custom solutions for global markets.  CannaOne’s goal is to meet the needs of an industry that is in flux and continuously shaping form.


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