Old School Correlations – Late Night Thoughts

I’ve been watching the market like a hawk these past 2 days.

I’d spotted the weakness in USD, then in turn the Japanese “Nikkei” pushing up to its prior level of resistance…then it’s rejection, discussed the likelihood of the Japanese Yen (JPY) taking on strength in times of “risk aversion”, and just in the last few hours suggested that commodity currencies are under pressure.

I’ve taken on the “insanity trade”, and have been actively posting just about everything I can ( here and via Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Facebook) over the past 48 hours as to what I’m looking at – and what I’m up to.

So what the hell  – here’s another nugget.

I’ve exited all “USD short” positions, and am currently looking at “risk off” type positioning via “long JPY” ideas, as well a couple other “crafty variations on risk” short AUD as well NZD.

The one variable I’d not really not “nailed down” this time around, was weather or not USD would “fall along side risk aversion” ( as it has several times these past 2 quarters ) OR if the old school correlation of “risk off = USD up” might rear its ugly head once again.

Global “risk aversion” WILL have USD as well JPY shoot for the moon as “safety is sought” on a macro / awesome / unbelievable / nut bar / chaotic / monumental level – while “risk is sold” in equal fashion.

I’m pleased to be free of any USD related trades, and almost hate to say it but…….we “could” ( and I do say “could” ) be close.

Kong “debating long” USD.

JPY pairs are most certainly rolling over here as suggested with Nikkei making it’s daily “swing high”. Commods look weak so that’s pretty much a given trade. What remains to be seen is where we fit the good ol US of D. My “hunch”? – We’ll have to wait a day for that.

Was That It For AUD? – Looks That Way

As you all know I tend to be a little early with some of my market observations / calls.

After studying these charts for as many hours / days / years as I – you start to see things a bit differently. As many of you are likely “just now” getting familiar with commonly occurring patterns and price levels, and starting to fit some larger “macro analysis” into  your daily trading, I tend to see things the same things playing out – over and over again.

We’ve hit the “resistance zone” I suggested yesterday in the Nikkei, as well I see a “swing forming” around 1680 on the SP 500 futures, coupled with a tad bit of Yen strength and a continued weak USD.

Let’s throw in a generally weak AUD as well NZD ( the New Zealand Dollar) and what have we got? Just another “up/down churn day” or perhaps the start of something more?

I’d considered some time ago that any strength in AUD would be short-lived, and I now see that this could be about it – or at least a reasonable level to look for a trade.

Keep an eye on AUD through today and tomorrow for further signs of risk coming off.

Currencies In Perspective – Risk And AUD

The value of the U.S dollar (USD) is currently at the exact same exchange rate with the Japanese Yen (JPY) as it was back in April.

So, in case you hadn’t been back n fourth to Japan several times over the past 5 months – you wouldn’t have a clue as to the fluctuation in these two currencies value ( in relation to one another ) in that,  absolutely nothing has changed.

Broad stroke….a person holding USD “hit’s the currency exchange window” at the airport, lands in Tokyo and buys a chocolate bar for the exact same price as last time – 5 months earlier.

Now if your business partner was Australian, he wouldn’t have had it quite so easy. Back in April the “Aussie” could be exchanged for 1.05 Yen ( JPY)  and those chocolate bars at the airport appeared “cheap”  – where as today ( only a short 5 months later ) that Australian dollar only yields .89 Yen (JPY). That is a pretty massive change in such a short time don’t you think??

Let’s stop and think about this for a moment.

Japan has embarked on the largest “Quantitative Easing Program” known to mankind in efforts to “devalue” Yen (JPY) and lower the prices of its export goods ( if Yen goes down in value then “you” with your Canadian or U.S dollars would be “incentivized” to buy Japanese goods as they appear more affordable) yet EVEN AT THAT – THE AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR HAS LOST CONSIDERABLY MORE VALUE!?!

That is some serious , SERIOUS , business in the land of currencies where at “one time” the Aussie dollar was considered the “go to currency in times of risk appetite”.

Some “major players” have been sneaking out the back door here over the past 6 months selling AUD aggressively, and this stuff just doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

…………..more over the weekend.


Gold And Silver – Manipulation Explained

If you’re having trouble accepting the general idea that the U.S Federal Reserve will continue its assault on the U.S Dollar ( devaluing USD providing considerable relief to the current government debt obligations) then I can’t imagine you’ll be particularly thrilled with the following breakdown on gold and silver.

There is no greater enemy to the Fed than a rising price in gold or silver.

Against a backdrop of such extreme money printing and currency devaluation in the U.S, if left to reflect its true value” (as we’ve seen with respect to the price of gold priced in Yen)  the price of gold would now be significantly higher – and I mean SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER than we see reflected in the current “paper market”.

When ever Uncle Ben gets nervous about the price creeping higher, he simply calls his buddies at JP Morgan, sends them a couple suitcases of freshly printed U.S toilet paper and POOF!

JP Morgan piles in even further “short” (via naked short contracts placed at the CME / COMEX) and the “paper price” continues to flounder/move lower. Ben keeps printing useless fiat paper – and the continued “illusion of prosperity” runs across televisions country-wide.

As I understand it ( and please forgive me if I’m way off ) there is considerably more silver/gold current sold “short” than physical / actual metal currently “above ground” on the entire planet Earth, and as informed investors now look to take “actual delivery” of the physical as opposed to just “trading in the paper market” we are about to see some serious fireworks.

Many heavy hitters have already suggested that The Comex may soon be looking at default. (CME Group is the largest futures exchange in the world. Many commodities, of which gold is one, are traded on this exchange. The gold exchange – which is often still referred to as the Comex, its original name prior to being bought by the CME – is the largest gold exchange by volume in the world).

Take it for what it’s worth as JP Morgan is now under investigation by the FBI and other authorities – this all may fall into the category of “conspiracy theory” if one chooses to just bury their head in the sand. 

Your head would absolutely spin if we jump up another “rung on the ladder” to discuss the London Bullion Markets, The Bank of International Settlements and The Fractional Gold System – let alone where China fits in.

Gold And The Dollar – What's Next?

If you consider the massive easing / devaluation of the Japanese Yen some months ago, and put yourself in the shoes of an average Japanese investor waking up,  morning after morning – only to see the price of Gold  (priced in Yen of course ) going through the roof,  you’d almost think you’d entered the Twilight Zone.

This doesn’t make any sense! I thought the price of Gold was going down, down down. What gives?

When traded “against” a currency that is rapidly losing it’s value ( via rapid printing / easing such as the methods currently being used by the U.S Fed) , it only makes sense that a hard asset ( such as Gold) which cannot be duplicated/printed/ reproduced “should” rise in value substantially – as in the simplest sense – you’ll need a whole lot more of that “local currency” in order to purchase it right?

The example seen in Japan is exactly what one would expect to see  – when a currency is rapidly debased in value, and then compared / traded against something that “cannot” be artificially created. Currency value down = Gold price up.

So what the hell has been going on in the U.S then? Why do I see the value of Gold taken to the cleaners AS WELL my USD / purchasing power getting smashed? How can this be?

How can this be you ask? How can this be?

………………………to be continued.

Carry Trade And Aussie – Explained

You’re learning about currencies….you’re seeing the impact in markets – you’re having some fun. Who knows? Perhaps a few of you are even getting in there and placing a trade or two – good for you.

An important distinction to make when trading currencies, is to understand what “role” they play in the global economy “aside” from their normal function as a “token of value” in the given country of origin.

We all use money – yes…..but big banks use money in entirely different ways. Ways that can affect global markets regardless of “who” or “where”. I’ve mentioned the Carry Trade many, many times and encouraged you to read up  – as it is the most basic and simple example of how banks use “your savings” behind the computers and digital printouts – in order to generate massive profits. You don’t honestly think the money is just sitting there in a vault do you?

Banks ( as well Kong) utilize cash on hand to fund ventures via many foreign exchange strategies in order to turn profit. You are happy to see the printout on your stub when you check the balance – while your actual money is likely being put to work….far, far away in some foreign land.

Simply put – If I can walk in a bank in Japan and borrow money at next to “zero” % interest – then take that money and invest it in Australia where even the base savings account rate is 2.75% – boom – Carry Trade on.

So….the Aussie. The Australian economy has flourished over past years and in turn has been able to offer a considerably higher rate of return on savings than many other countries. So in times of “risk on” money flows to the Aussie like the Ganges River! As big banks ( and Kong) borrow low yielding currencies ( JPY and USD ) and purchase those that offer better returns. Simple as that.

Unfortunately we’ve got a problem here though. Australia is currently in its own “easing period” and has plans to further lower its interest rates ( as Japan as well the U.S has ) in order to keep the economy moving. This puts pressure on Carry traders with the knowledge that the Aussie will continue to “cramp this trade” as it continues to lower its rates….closing the gab between 0% and 2.75% ( not long ago it was 4.50%!) smaller and smaller as the Carry Trade starts to lose its appeal (viability).

This is of incredible significance on a global scale ( and another contributing factor in my longer term view ) as to provide further pressure on an already fragile global banking system. When big banks (and Kong) have one of their largest revenue streams / cash cows producing smaller and smaller returns, in a global environment that is clearly slowing – all the money printing in the world can’t make that one go away.

The Australian Dollar has taken a huge hit already, and as much as I had originally been looking for a solid bounce before getting short ( which I am still going to do ) I am confident that what this really suggests is that the big money has already been backing out in preparation for much further losses to follow. Nothing short term will change my mind about this…as I do look for higher levels in AUD – to sell, sell , sell , sell , sell.

Canada Update – TSX Rejection

I’m going to keep it short for the “non believers”.

The Canadian Index topped (in my view) back at 12, 800 on March …March something er rather.

As per the “normalcy bias” posts posted…then reposted…then reposted – it’s unlikely anyone up there gave the analysis a second thought as “this shit doesn’t happen in Canada!”

Here we can see a “retest” of the highs over the past few weeks…and the blatant rejection at “said levels” some weeks ago.

(you may need to click to enlarge this chart)



In any case…….it is what it is.

Isn’t it?

Commodities Moving Up – USD Down

Let’s continue looking out further – looking out longer term.

Let’s “get deep” if you will.

Simple questions. Simple principles. Simple facts.

What happens to the price of commodities if the value of USD goes down?

Am I seeing things? Or does nearly every single commodities future contract from orange juice to soy beans LOOK PRETTY FREAKIN GOOD RIGHT HERE?

Stop looking at the ridiculous stock market for a second and consider the direction things are headed?

Stop looking at the stock market for a minute!

U.S Housing Recovery – Media Spin

Occasionally I’ll turn on the “CNBC T.V” widget within my Think Or Swim Trading Platform.

I get a chance to “see what you see” there in the U.S  – the wonderful rants n raves of the “oh so knowledgeable” and not at all “bias” staff of CNBC. This morning I was thrilled to hear of the massive recovery in housing in the U.S, with some “million plus new homes on the build” and the question came to mind……..

How can there be a housing recovery in the U.S when the price of lumber has absolutely tanked since March?



I am no economist ( by any means ) and do hope that perhaps one my valued readers can help me understand.

Seriously? – Can some one a little closer to the source explain this? – Or just better to go with the opinions / bullshit that the local media keeps throwing you?

Watching CAD – Oil Going Up

I want so badly to get short USD/CAD for another leg down in the pair – and am watching the price of oil here this morning, as CAD will often correlate.

Regardless of the near term squiggles and “apparent strength” in USD, my eye on the price of oil suggests it’s going higher. Pulling a daily chart of “/CL” Light Sweet Oil Futures – I see our friend “the hammer” made an appearance on Friday suggesting that buyers had stepped in and that downside pressure would subside.

Short and sweet here this morning – but CAD looks strong against several other currencies. Should we see the price of oil move higher “getting long CAD” looks like a very good trade.

Otherwise – we still sit patiently awaiting moves in USD – Question being – Is the recent strength a sign of something new – or merely a “pop” before USD continues lower?

We will get our answer by close tomorrow.