Forex Strategies For Investors – Not Traders

I’ve spent the past week “out in the trenches”. Pulling back the curtain “just a bit” and hopefully providing short-term traders with a couple of ideas  – and the chance to make a quick buck.

For the most part this area of forex trading is extremely difficult, time-consuming , stressful , annoying and for those with little experience  – truly a fool’s game.

What I’d like to do now, is take a complete 180 degree turn and take a look at forex strategies and concepts geared more so for the investor.

Let me throw out a quick scenario.

What if I told you that your Canadian dollar exchange to Mexican Pesos is 12.79 ( simply consider a dollar being worth approx 1.27 here ) Not bad eh?

Ok… now what if I told you that the “base savings rate” at any of the excellent banks here in Mexico was 3.75% – You starting to get the message?

So what if you could go to the bank in Canada tomorrow and get a loan for 100k ( at near 0% ) Then take “said loan” and convert it to Pesos – and put it in a bank account at 3.75% – with absolutely no risk.

Boom! Forex as investment.

It’s what your local banks are doing hand over fist. It’s called the “Carry Trade”.

It’s not “new” it’s not “sketchy” – It’s a major , MAJOR driver of profit for banks across the planet.

More over the weekend……


written by F Kong