Gold Rinse Job – Cruel Irony

So I’m a fat cat on Wall Street  – that’s just seen two straight days of retail investment  pour into markets like liquid butta.

Can you get your head wrapped around the profits created (today alone) with respect to anyone who’d bought over the past two days and had a stop on their trade? Even a full 10% stop –  completely annihilated!

As well for those newbies still trying to make a buck trading EUR/USD – because your broker offers teeny-weeny pip spreads and the ability to scalp / short-term trade. No shit! – any wonder why?

You have now been liquidated on your 2k starter account as EUR/USD dives a full 250 pips!

So….has anything changed? Is the Europe story on the mend? Has the world lost its interest in gold?


Everything is exactly the same as it’s always been  – as retail investment continues to fuel the engine of  the massive steam roller smashing you to bits.

It’s a sad truth…………..It’s a cruel….cruel irony.

Mining – Could it Be In Our Genes?

Could the ancient astronaut theory hold true?

That thousands of years ago celestial vistors came to our planet in search of materials needed for their very survival – and in realizing the difficulties in extracting these materials from the ground, developed modern man to essentially do the hard work for them? When you really think about it…’s really not that far off.

As a young boy I remember a hoax that played out at my elementary school. A group of the older kids had painted a bunch of small rocks with gold model paint and hid them out in the sand of the school’s playground. Once the word got out….I recall the excitement and anticipation sitting there in my tiny desk, staring at the clock, squirming in my chair, waiting for the bell to ring. “Gold! Gold! – they’ve found gold in the playground!”.

We’d trip over ourselves racing out the door – eager to be the first to lay our hands on even the smallest spec of the glorious stuff. We spent hours on our hands and knees sifting, searching for our fortunes.

In the end…….I never found a single piece.

A silly young boy indeed –  but is it really any different now as adults?

Maybe mining is in our genes.


An Absolutely "Golden Opportunity".

Quietly……As “Hurricane Sandy” plots her assault on the Atlantic Coast of the United States – the dollar also plots its course for the 200 day moving average.

I´ve been watching patiently as the last winds of this “dollar rally” blow hard towards (the now flat) 200 day moving average….and now….only a few short gusts away  – the storm has arrived!

Coupled with the recently announced “QE to Infinity” – one would have to assume this to be “certain death” to the dollar – and an absolute “Golden Opportunity” – to not only get short the buck – but to buy gold (and related stocks if that’s your thing) hand over fist!

I will be buying gold here (likely through the miners).

I will begin building several positions “short the U.S buck” as well Yen – against a basket of several currencies….as I look to  “RISK ON”  taking hold  in coming days.