Gold Stolen – Only The Aliens To Blame

The theory that human beings are a product of alien genetic manipulation, and were more or less “created in their image” for the sole purpose of mining gold – is a personal favorite of mine. It keeps things simple, and provides me with the answers I need when gold goes off the charts  – as it has done overnight.

It’s simple. The gold has been stolen and we’ve only the aliens to blame.

The Illuminati’s “secret knowledge” of human creation (which defies both creationist and evolutionary theories)  is bound up in the tale of the Anunnaki, who according to the Sumerian clay tablets  – arrived around 6000 BC in Sumeria (modern-day Iraq).

A growing number of researchers say the Annunaki bred human slaves known in the Hebrew bible as “Adamu” and in English as “Earthlings” to mine gold necessary to the survival of their home world and it’s inhabitants.

Considering the slew of completely ridiculous “conspiracy theories” out there as to the “manipulation of gold prices” this looks to me as equally plausible in that – we still don’t know whether the reserves of gold “said to be there” in the United States – are really there at all.

So there you have it. Any time you get caught up in the minute to minute watching of the price of gold, or the endless debate over price manipulation or corrupt governments etc…just keep it simple.

Blame it on the Aliens.

I would love to enter the market here this morning – but just can’t pull the trigger in light of overnight action across the board. Dollar flat, equities up, currencies “wonky” ….and gold stolen by aliens makes me a touch nervous.