Relative Strength – And a Sea of Red

Relative strength is a term used to describe a given assets performance “against” a market in general – or within its given area or sector. When a given asset exibits  “relative strength” it can clearly be seen as outperforming a market in general and/or others similar to it. This in itself should afford an investor “some solace” or perhaps a “rock in the stormy seas” as others are seen sinking around you.

Do your current investments show relative strength on a day when “seemingly” everything under the sun is being sold like there’s  no tomorrow?

If you currently hold gold, silver and mining related stocks they do. In fact, several of which are actually “up” on the day, while the Dow dives -240 so…….ask yourself – why on earth are these things “holding their own” in a complete and total sea of red?