More Of The Usual – NY Jungle Fleecing

You know…I really feel sorry for anyone looking to get into this game from scratch – right here…right now….under the current market conditions…this “jungle” we call a market.

I climb down from my nest in the dark of early morn…grab a bamboo shoot er two, sit down at my computer and look to plan my assault.

Pow! I book any and all profits from the overnight – go 100% cash – sit back and watch the same ol scenario play out – as it has, time and time again.

The entire days move (for the most part) happens before the open! – and for the entire day – poor “hopefuls” plop down their hard earned (or borrowed?) cash – lucky to see a penny of it left as the day comes to an end.

Left confused and likely scared half to death  – the following day is then filled with panic selling (ironically) as the market screams higher…and higher….then higher! Huh?

Following currency markets – allows a trader to monitor trends / price action 24 hours a day….and not fall prey to the usual “NY Jungle Fleecing.”

Ill look to reload tonight  – as the monkeys in London wipe the sleep from their eyes, and reach for the bananas.

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  1. JB October 31, 2012 / 11:33 pm

    Kong, are you planning to expose your trading history and update in real-time on the site? This will give a lot of credibility to your strategy and help build a following.

    Love the King Kong theme. Grin.

    • Forex Kong October 31, 2012 / 11:48 pm

      HI JB – thanks for stopping in here – I hope to see you kickin around more.

      Your question…….ya I’ve been debating – and as it stands, I´ve decided to concentrate on the posts and general content here to start – and hopefully build a community of like minded traders.

      In a day to day sense…Im not as much concerned with “proving myself” literally…down to the penny – but will most certainly look to get more specific moving forward.

      Im sure you can discern from the last few days posts that I am “generally” short the buck and yen against the commods – as well as long gold – (actually only half orders in GDX placed here this afternoon) so…….

      As things progress – I assume I will get down to the nitty gritty of it – in order to instill trust and credibility as you’ve suggested.

    • Forex Kong November 1, 2012 / 12:00 am

      Perhaps keeping an eye on the “tweets” might better suit you in that…..I can’t imagine updating/posting to the site with every single trade / buy / sell in any given day – considering that more often than not I am trading anywhere from 12 – 15 currency pairs at once so……

      It looks easier to post / tweet these kinds of intraday moves….for example… as I suggested that Apple hit the 200 MA – I did indeed buy XLK via March 2013 options so…….

  2. JB November 1, 2012 / 1:14 pm

    Thanks bro, I think I misstated in terms of the credibility thing – it’s not that your audience is necessarily breathing down your neck, but it is also that by posting trades, it is much easier to understand what you’re thinking and then (more importantly) to foster good healthy discussion around your thoughts. Regarding posting each and every trade, correct – that might be a tedious endeavor, but perhaps you can identify those that communicate the general gist of how you work, and target a “model portfolio” like that on SMT and then post only those. Up to you – you da boss here 😀 – just shooting ideas across as I know you’re still forming this thing.

    Regarding Forex, eager to talk opinions – I used to trade currency while living in Europe where it’s much easier to get a sense on world events. Here in US global talk doesn’t fall in your lap readily, i.e. at least state-side, there’s always a market for this service..

  3. Forex Kong November 1, 2012 / 3:11 pm

    JB – You’ve nailed it – as far as the actual day to day minute to minute trading goes – I am going to get something “solid” knocked out here to indeed satisfy the crowd that needs to see that – specifically.

    Perhaps I ll pick a set of (say 6) currency pairs – and create an area / spot to keep my activity up to date in as real time as possible. I appreciate any input you have – and do aim to make this site a “must see” – so please……keep it coming.

    I like the twitter feed here on the right side bar – for real time stuff…..but am not sure if people are seeing it /scrolling etc…..perhaps Ill move it further up the page – or retitle “real time trading” etc……

    Otherwise…..Im just working on the legistics / tech – to soon offer a paid/real time alerts service – and weekly report type thing….again…..any suggestions are more than welcome!

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