More Of The Usual – NY Jungle Fleecing

You know…I really feel sorry for anyone looking to get into this game from scratch – right here…right now….under the current market conditions…this “jungle” we call a market.

I climb down from my nest in the dark of early morn…grab a bamboo shoot er two, sit down at my computer and look to plan my assault.

Pow! I book any and all profits from the overnight – go 100% cash – sit back and watch the same ol scenario play out – as it has, time and time again.

The entire days move (for the most part) happens before the open! – and for the entire day – poor “hopefuls” plop down their hard earned (or borrowed?) cash – lucky to see a penny of it left as the day comes to an end.

Left confused and likely scared half to death  – the following day is then filled with panic selling (ironically) as the market screams higher…and higher….then higher! Huh?

Following currency markets – allows a trader to monitor trends / price action 24 hours a day….and not fall prey to the usual “NY Jungle Fleecing.”

Ill look to reload tonight  – as the monkeys in London wipe the sleep from their eyes, and reach for the bananas.