SP 500 and Risk – Second Chance To Sell

If you’ve been fortunate enough to have timed the low back in February – Bravo!

Seriously…..job well done in this trade environment.


Don’t get complacent here. This is what I would call a “second chance” as I expect to see the SP 500 ( and all other world markets ) roll over here around 2075-2100 ( duh – right? ) then proceed lower – taking out the lows at 1800.

SP 500 March 30th 2016

SP 500 March 30th 2016

Yes that’s right – taking out the lows at 1800.

If I where a gambling man…..I would simply look to book “any” profits I’ve got over the next day or two, and put away the charts for a couple months.

You don’t trade Forex so don’t worry about it.

I’m two days into my “short USD trade” and just getting started.

A significant trade indeed.

Swing High In U.S.D – Significant Move Ahead

Today marks a fairly significant day in the life of Kong as yet another milestone is passed…..another goal achieved.

Stars have aligned, cosmic events have fallen into place and years worth of work and dedication have finally paid off.

It’s time to make “a significant trade”.

The U.S Dollar has juuuust barely swung high as of this morning, and I am placing what may very well be the most significant trade of the year.

I am getting short The U.S Dollar for what I expect to be a “large-scale move” to the downside.

There are a million different reasons to justify such a trade, but I’m sure you already know. Yes the global economy is in shambles, yes the American election is set to be the most embarrassing political event in history, yes the crisis in Syria continues, and yes I am still 1000% completely convinced that further QE is in the cards for America.

This turn looks ugly. I’ve been staring at charts for weeks, and I see the same thing reflected “everywhere”.

Watch from the sidelines, or just buckle up for the ride.

Sideways soon turning to downside.

Get Short – Today

The British Pound has climbed 358 + pips since the last post, and the U.S Dollar looks ripe for “the next down turn”.

Then up a bit…then lower……then lower etc..I continue to place trades on the “downside” winning tidely week in – week out.

Oddly the mainstream media “still” running stories of “continued USD strength” in the face of this……”USD remains buoyant compared to rivals that”…Total bullshit.

The Dollar has lost over 1000 pips since topping out against the Japanese Yen some months ago….and there is no possible chance of recovery.


Today I am placing further orders “short USD and risk in general” ( SP down….Dow down….Naz down ) long JPY – same ol drill here today!