Nikkei Down -900 Points – USD Shit Canned

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times! You guys don’t have a chart of The Japanese Nikkei on your radar??

Nikkei Craters

Nikkei Craters

What do you think “Dow Futures” are numb nuts? ( I mean in the most literal sense )

How bout millions of traders waking up on the other side of the planet ( in Japan ) and selling like mad! Now that’s some real fortune-telling there Kong…how can you see the future?

Look to Japan dumb ass (not you my loyal readers of course). I’m talking to the “dumb asses” ( you know very well who you are). The US Dollar now taking the largest one day loss I think I’ve seen in my entire life.

Maybe this bounces back if Clinton manages to pull this out but really doesn’t matter.

I wonder what the gold spike will look like in wake of this full-blown US Dollar crash. Pure money, money, money.

Hang on to your hats gents….gonna be one interesting trading day tomorrow. I might unload my gold and silver trade for huge profit, or I might just sit back and watch the action.



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