Possible Hope For Gold

It’s been some long and grueling months for gold traders, and those watching PM’s and the miners in general. Week after week of potential bottoms or reversals – only to be followed by  selling, selling and more selling. The price of both silver and gold in the “paper markets” passed the point of “rational” some months ago with seemingly no end in sight – a real tough spot for those holding strong…for sure.

We touched on this some weeks ago in that the problem with todays “investing environment” is that it “isn’t rational” – not in the slightest bit! With the amount of global stimulus being pumped into markets / Central Bank intervention etc – this isn’t in any way the market that most of you may be accustomed to investing in. Looking for similar results as one has experienced in the past has likely been recipe for disaster.

The fundamental reasons for owning gold have not changed, and likely grow stronger by the day as “paper money” planet wide is printed like toilet paper with hopes of keeping the ship sailing in the right direction just a little while longer.

How do you keep your sanity as a trader of Gold?

I would advise dropping your expectations. As simple as that.

I find it pretty unlikely that anyone is going to “time the trade” and make some massive “get rich quick” type thing any time soon with the purchase of Gold – however…..if one can lower their short-term expectations and try not to “treat it like a trade” – there’s plenty to made…….. if you can remain patient.

With the US dollar moving considerably lower over the next few months – this may be a decent time to start building positions – but in all…..we could just as easily see Gold consolidate here for months, and months on end. One needs to realize the Fed’s agenda and how a blatant rise in the price of Gold seriously undermines the goal of crushing USD – so as long as Ben’s got his finger on the printing presses – It’s hard to imagine gold getting too too  far out of the gates.

Goldbugs – You Just Don't Get It

I’m going to try and go easy – as I know many of the readers here are very much so invested in Gold. As well please keep in mind – I too believe in the long term story.

But with such macro forces at work –  it absolutely pains me to envision you sitting there at home, considering every little tick up and down, gaps, bollinger bands, cycles, COT, and the most ridiculous of all – “selling on strength and buying on weakness numbers”  – on “paper gold” through GLD!

It’s Ridiculous! Stop it! Stop it right now!

I’ve even heard some of you consider that Uncle Ben’s 85 billion dollars a month could in some way be “good” for gold prices??  Have you lost your mind? Seriously! It’s 100% completely the opposite!

Ask yourself this: Who on earth could believe the dollar’s exchange rate in relation to other currencies if the dollar was seen collapsing in value in relation to gold and silver?

This would completely defeat the money printing effort of the Fed – and completely undermine the bond buying!

The Fed is a private bank! with one goal and one goal only – to profit! They can’t possibly let the value of gold skyrocket if they intend to kill the U.S dollar! Think about it!

So……The Federal Reserve uses its dependent “wallstreet bank buddies” to short the precious metals markets. By selling naked shorts in the paper bullion market against the rising demand for physical possession, the Federal Reserve is then able to drive the price of gold down.

Bullion prices take a big hit, bullishness subsides and the flow of dollars into bullion is stopped….and the money printing can continue.

As long as the Fed continues to print ( and soon looks to print more ) I am at odds with any suggestion that gold will do anything more than trade flat at best.

In any case – bring it on then……I’m ready.

Gold Trade – For The Last Time

I suggested some months ago to buy gold and gold related stocks. Since then the price of gold, and performance of the related miners has gone nowhere but down…and down….and then down even more.

I lost $1500.00 bucks in options that expire today – likely the largest “losing trade” I’ve made in many months.

Putting this in perspective – I see $1500.00 (+/-)  flash on my screens  a few times a week (if not daily) as it represents “peanuts” in the grand scheme of things. I spent about a week watching the trade go against me before I put it aside in the “whatever” category and got on with my work – banking some of the best returns of my life over the same period of time via the currency trading.

The plain fact of the matter is… regardless of price – in the current “print til you can’t print anymore” environment – there is absolutely no reason to own gold. There is no fear. There is no “need to store value” while stocks are blasting to the moon! People (including myself) are making money hand over fist in a number of areas as gold bugs continue to debate/rationalize/haggle the reasons as to why their “all in bets” on the shiny metal haven’t made them rich – but more so bust their accounts.

Its foolish investing. It’s gambling. It’s naive and its completely irresponsible.

Bottom line – gold will make it’s move when stocks and “risk” tanks. And from what I gather – the FED is gonna work pretty damn hard to make sure that doesn’t happen……. anytime soon.

I do plan to “re enter” and take another shot at gold and related names – but as seen a week ago when gold popped some 30 bucks on the big DOW DOWN DAY – it looks pretty obvious to me that we won’t see a move in gold – until we see some serious fear enter the market – regardless of where the USD is at.


SDR's First – Then The Gold Standard

Special Drawing Rights (SDR’s)

The SDR is an international reserve asset, created by the IMF in 1969 to supplement its member countries official reserves.

Its value is based on a basket of four key international currencies, and SDRs can be exchanged for freely usable currencies. With a general SDR allocation that took effect on August 28 and a special allocation on September 9, 2009, the amount of SDRs increased from SDR 21.4 billion to around SDR 204 billion (equivalent to about $310 billion, converted using the rate of August 20,2012).

So in other words – the U.S has a printing press, the ECB has a printing press, Japan’s of course, Great Britain’s got one and the freakin International Monetary Fund ( operated primarily by a small group of “financial elite) can rattle off “SDR’s” and distribute them (as freely tradeable currency) to its members – at will.

This will clearly be the next step in resolving the current global financial crisis as the printing continues.

With everyone devaluing their currencies at the same time ( and Central Banks suppressing the value of gold as a price spike would undermine the entire plan) it’s very likely that the next “crisis” event will simply be “papered over” with the issuance of “SDR’s” and the “can kicking” will continue down the “global road”.

Anyone expecting some “massive rise in the price of gold” overnight –  is likely in for a longer wait in that……the “paper game” has miles to go before your “$7000 oz” will be realized. As well – if you live in the U.S, I’d look forward to any large profits being made  subject to a “newly formed gold tax” – likely in the neighborhood of 80%.

Have you considered that “the power’s that be” already have this worked out?

A Golden Hammer – Has Gold Bottomed?

Hammer: Hammer candlesticks form when a security moves significantly lower after the open, but rallies to close well above the intraday low. The resulting candlestick looks like a square lollipop with a long stick. If this candlestick forms during a decline, then it is called a Hammer.

Has Gold Finally Bottomed?

Has Gold Finally Bottomed?

I’ll be the last one to call it as I am relatively new to the world of gold – but can tell you it’s been a complete and total grind for the past few months. This particular candlestick formation is usually a pretty good sign that buying interest has started to creep back in. Usually a trader will wait for an additional days candle to form (ideally closing above the high of the hammer) before entry.

If it provides any relief going into the weekend – I for one have considerable confidence that we should see some higher prices moving forward.

Gold Rinse Job – Cruel Irony

So I’m a fat cat on Wall Street  – that’s just seen two straight days of retail investment  pour into markets like liquid butta.

Can you get your head wrapped around the profits created (today alone) with respect to anyone who’d bought over the past two days and had a stop on their trade? Even a full 10% stop –  completely annihilated!

As well for those newbies still trying to make a buck trading EUR/USD – because your broker offers teeny-weeny pip spreads and the ability to scalp / short-term trade. No shit! – any wonder why?

You have now been liquidated on your 2k starter account as EUR/USD dives a full 250 pips!

So….has anything changed? Is the Europe story on the mend? Has the world lost its interest in gold?


Everything is exactly the same as it’s always been  – as retail investment continues to fuel the engine of  the massive steam roller smashing you to bits.

It’s a sad truth…………..It’s a cruel….cruel irony.

Gold Stolen – Only The Aliens To Blame

The theory that human beings are a product of alien genetic manipulation, and were more or less “created in their image” for the sole purpose of mining gold – is a personal favorite of mine. It keeps things simple, and provides me with the answers I need when gold goes off the charts  – as it has done overnight.

It’s simple. The gold has been stolen and we’ve only the aliens to blame.

The Illuminati’s “secret knowledge” of human creation (which defies both creationist and evolutionary theories)  is bound up in the tale of the Anunnaki, who according to the Sumerian clay tablets  – arrived around 6000 BC in Sumeria (modern-day Iraq).

A growing number of researchers say the Annunaki bred human slaves known in the Hebrew bible as “Adamu” and in English as “Earthlings” to mine gold necessary to the survival of their home world and it’s inhabitants.

Considering the slew of completely ridiculous “conspiracy theories” out there as to the “manipulation of gold prices” this looks to me as equally plausible in that – we still don’t know whether the reserves of gold “said to be there” in the United States – are really there at all.

So there you have it. Any time you get caught up in the minute to minute watching of the price of gold, or the endless debate over price manipulation or corrupt governments etc…just keep it simple.

Blame it on the Aliens.

I would love to enter the market here this morning – but just can’t pull the trigger in light of overnight action across the board. Dollar flat, equities up, currencies “wonky” ….and gold stolen by aliens makes me a touch nervous.


Mining – Could it Be In Our Genes?

Could the ancient astronaut theory hold true?

That thousands of years ago celestial vistors came to our planet in search of materials needed for their very survival – and in realizing the difficulties in extracting these materials from the ground, developed modern man to essentially do the hard work for them? When you really think about it…..it’s really not that far off.

As a young boy I remember a hoax that played out at my elementary school. A group of the older kids had painted a bunch of small rocks with gold model paint and hid them out in the sand of the school’s playground. Once the word got out….I recall the excitement and anticipation sitting there in my tiny desk, staring at the clock, squirming in my chair, waiting for the bell to ring. “Gold! Gold! – they’ve found gold in the playground!”.

We’d trip over ourselves racing out the door – eager to be the first to lay our hands on even the smallest spec of the glorious stuff. We spent hours on our hands and knees sifting, searching for our fortunes.

In the end…….I never found a single piece.

A silly young boy indeed –  but is it really any different now as adults?

Maybe mining is in our genes.


An Absolutely "Golden Opportunity".

Quietly……As “Hurricane Sandy” plots her assault on the Atlantic Coast of the United States – the dollar also plots its course for the 200 day moving average.

I´ve been watching patiently as the last winds of this “dollar rally” blow hard towards (the now flat) 200 day moving average….and now….only a few short gusts away  – the storm has arrived!

Coupled with the recently announced “QE to Infinity” – one would have to assume this to be “certain death” to the dollar – and an absolute “Golden Opportunity” – to not only get short the buck – but to buy gold (and related stocks if that’s your thing) hand over fist!

I will be buying gold here (likely through the miners).

I will begin building several positions “short the U.S buck” as well Yen – against a basket of several currencies….as I look to  “RISK ON”  taking hold  in coming days.