Shut Off The T.V – Get Outside and Enjoy Summer

Shut Off The T.V and Get Outside!

I harken back – only a few days:

“The FED will raise. The FED will stick to it’s general rhetoric, and will HOLD RATES AT THIS RATE FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. They will not suggest or even imply “anything close to a rate cut” during the year of 2023.”

The market has this wrong….

How we doing so far? Considering the data….what “rally in risk assets” are you waiting for? Every single company that continues to “beat earnings estimates” has reduced their guidance moving forward month over month, over month, over month over month, for so long that “you at home in front of the T.V” only see what they want you to see!

They only set guidance at levels that they feel they can “beat” regardless of the continuation of lower profits / lower economic output.

“Hope” is not an investment strategy, and the main stream financial media is no help as……they just keep shovelling the same shit! Somehow they are able to look themselves in the mirror when they get home after a days “work”…..I have no concept of how this is possible. Certainly NOT in a being of higher consciousness = no.

The goal is to help your fellow man – not take his home / car / job / bank account.

Then they bring out Warren Buffet?? And he does the same? Shame. Shame, shame shame.

I am extremely optimistic about the future ( as I’ve already been there ‘n back several times ) as disruptive technologies such as blockchain / a.i / genetics find their place, and lead humanity to the next level of our conscious development and financial freedom. This is a given.

I can’t watch the “current circus” play out in the media as I think it’s just sad. It’s just sad that the average human being hoping to “better themselves” or “get ahead” can’t get past these floating / talking heads on television telling you “now is the time to buy”.

Now is not the time to buy.

Humanity On The Precipice – Slavery At Hand

Humanity – Greed And Fear – Do You Even Know What’s Driving You?

Markets exist “well beyond” the simple facets of what the typical / average human being generally takes into consideration. You’ve got your CNBC…your BNN and any number of “other media resources” that you “think/hope” will assist/ guide you on your investment journey, and for the most part……..this is all that 99% of traders / investors drawn from. Fair enough.

Quickly let me ask you………will any of them “EVER” tell you to sell / get the F@$K outta the market?

If you consider the amount of greed manifesting at the absolute top of the market, where banks simply take your deposits and gamble with them ( then lose – then get bailed out ) – at some point you’ve gotta ask yourself…

Shouldn’t I form my own views? Not opinions…..not “believes” but…..straight up views of the current market and it’s functionality, based on my own research and analysis?

Anything less is essentially gambling no?

A harsh reality to consider / to be quite frank – you actually have no concept of what’s going on – short of the information gathered from your “financial media” ya? Or no? Any argument welcome.

This being said……we sit on the precipice of what will likely be the most significant FED meeting / announcement we’ve seen on Earth in 12 – 15 years. The .25 bps raise is a given.

It’s the “guidance moving forward” that will move the markets past whatever “pop n drop” we see tomorrow, and I am extremely confident that the market “has this wrong”.

The FED will raise. The FED will stick to it’s general rhetoric, and will HOLD RATES AT THIS RATE FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. They will not suggest or even imply “anything close to a rate cut” during the year of 2023.

The market has this wrong….with the 2 year bond suggesting a full 1.25 bps RATE CUT prior to the end of the year? You gotta be crazy. You go 12 years at 0% …..then spend a single year boosting to 5.5% then cut?? Not gonna happen.

Pop’n Drop……..or just simply DROP…as they had your back for 12 years……it’s time to re price equites.

The Crypto Market Bottomed – Months Ago

The Crypto Currency Market Has Clearly Bottomed

The crypto currency market has clearly bottomed despite the seemingly “never ending barrage” of negative news flow. Bitcoin stands as the best performing asset thus far in 2023, and with the halving event now only a year out – we’ve got quite a run ahead of us.

With the amount of exposure / adoption Bitcoin has received over the past few years, coupled with large scale institutional buying, it stands to reason that this next run will be one for the ages. If history is any indication – Bitcoin and crypto absolutely soar into “and well after” this event.

Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy (MSTR) purchased an additional 1,045 bitcoin (BTC) for a total of $23.9 million, or an average price of $28,016, between March 23 and April 4, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

This latest purchase brings the company’s bitcoin holdings up to approximately 140,000, worth roughly $4 billion at the current price of $28,500. The overall average purchase price on those holdings is $29,803.

This guy is averaged in at 29k per coin which is essentially today’s price! A publicly traded company with 4 BILLION in BTC on their books at today’s price = simply amazing. If we do the math assuming hedge funds and institutions inevitably hold just 1% of their current holdings in crypto – we are looking at a 10x or even as high as 25x in the total crypto market cap in coming years. Can you say the same for stocks?

It’s a brand new “asset class” – it is NOT a replacement for the U.S Dollar, and it cannot be stopped. Have you ever heard of a multi-trillion dollar market just disappearing? Think of the number of companies / people employed / software developers. Consider the multi billion dollar valuations of companies such as Coinbase. Now Twitter will offer crypto trading services, and the list goes on.

How bout this for a head scratcher. The U.S Government is currently the largest single holder of bitcoin! (Go ahead and google it) with plans to sell in coming months. You don’t think the crooks in Washington aren’t gonna get their piece? Common.

My best suggestion here is to stick to the top 10 as listed at When the market goes…’s all going up together so you’ll find the greatest safety at the top. Take 10k ( buy BTC and ETH ) and sit on it for the next 18 months.

You’ll finally be able to afford new warp engines for the your ride, and likely be of greater interest to those cuties on Venus.

Human Innovation To Explode – Now Is The Time

It’s often been suggested that science fiction movie makers such as Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick had “inside information” when producing films such as E.T or 2001: A Space Odyssey. Or perhaps Gene Roddenberry of Star Trek fame. Maybe he had an “inside line” on technologies of the future – who can really say with any certainty. I have my views.

Regardless….I think it is fair to say, if human beings can imagine it – they will indeed create it. Take a good look at your cell phone and consider that you’ve got access to essentially “every library on the planet”, along side a video camera and gps – tucked away in your hoodie. Not to shabby for a few years of human innovation eh? Humans literally pulling raw materials from the Earth (silver / gold / aluminum etc..) and crafting them into objects so quickly taken for granted. Absolutely incredible.

Human innovation is about to explode.

Humanity currently sits on the precipice of what will “undoubtedly be” the most incredible advancement of technology this planet has seen since the times of Atlantis. It’s not science fiction. It’s happening right now. Seriously…nothing can stop it, and why on Earth would anyone want to stop it? Would you prefer a horse drawn carriage as opposed to an autonomous vehicle? How bout the rotary phone vs your cell? Interested in going to the mall on a busy Saturday? Or just as good with a quick order from Amazon? You love it and you know it. You fear it sure……but you love it all the same.

How do I invest in the future?

First we need to consider the areas of innovation that will likely make the biggest splash, and for that I get a hall pass as……a much respected and fellow time traveller Cathy Wood has outlined a general road map for you.

I strongly encourage all of you to have a quick read ( it’s easy – and full of simple charts / graphs ) as Cathy Wood’s “Big Ideas For 2023” reflects these ideas beautifully.

Digital currency (duh). Genetics (duh). A.I ( double duh ).

Don’t be scared! the future is now. Get on it.

Weekly Swing Low – Buy Time If You’ve Got The Balls

I’ve Been Looking For A Weekly Swing Low

Stocks appear to have made their “weekly swing low” as of this morning. This is simply a condition where a weekly candle closes “higher” than the close of the weekly candle prior, and in this case…..within the usual timing band ( these days between 46 – 53 days ) for the cycle to have completed.

Crypto has also made some pretty serious recovery so…It looks like “buy time” to me.

This has undoubtedly been one of the longest / toughest / unpredictable pullbacks we’ve seen in very long time and rightfully so considering all that’s going on in the world but….the charts generally don’t lie and from a technical standpoint – this is all looking relatively normal to this gorilla.

You may want to consider “inching in here” and not throwing the kitchen sinks at this market in general but that being said – I do believe we go on to make the largest returns in the second half of this year, as the big boys “blow the top” off this thing and hand retail the bag once again at much higher prices. Markets don’t roll over like this. We need something euphoric to really convince the masses it’s time to buy…and you know what that means for us – the time to ultimately sell as the average joe scrapes together his last few bucks and buys at the absolute top.

Crypto wise… wanna stick with the top ten as seen at, as these are coins with very good “use cases” as opposed to so many of the smaller projects that will likely never go anywhere. Ethereum feels like an absolute steal here considering it’s solid place within the defi ecosystem, and bitcoin ( now serving as digital gold for the next generation ) will likely be worth $1 million dollars a coin in the not so distant future.

Have fun gang….keep yer eyes peeled on Russia / Ukraine as….oil will flop back down to 45 bones once this conflict is resolved.

You Don’t Get Up Early Enough – Nikkei Down -684

Invest if you’re gonna invest, and leave it at that.

I for one, take my early crypto purchases ( bought a couple hundred Ethereum at 170 bux in 2018 ) as an investment – not a trade.

But if you’re gonna trade – you likely don’t get up early enough. if you don’t “already know” what the market open is gonna look like “prior to the open” well…you need to reset your alarm.

Where are we in the daily cycle? The weekly cycle? What happened in Japan overnight (as they’ve already put in a full day’s trading)? Are we extremely overbought / oversold (use the 21 day RSI)? What news may have come out overnight that may dramatically affect markets? Where’s the U.S dollar at?

All things you need to consider before you even THINK about any specific company’s profit ‘n loss or balance sheet, let alone placing a trade.

You think the big boys are pouring over earnings reports when the market as a whole is totally oversold and potentially in free fall? Common. Seriously….this is one big math puzzle to solve day in / day out…no CNBC news flash gonna solve it for you.

You need to work harder if you wanna do this for a living. It’s work – simple as that.

So on that note….we are waaaaay late in the daily cycle (looking for a swing low, and subsequent follow through to confirm a new daily cycle).

The weekly cycle suggests that this very well may be a “yearly low” and a fantastic buying opportunity ( not today jackass as these are weekly candles ).

We are completely and totally oversold on the RSI. Russia just had it’s victory parade and the U.S dollar has just turned negative as of this writing.

There you go. Not that hard.

I’d be looking for buying opportunities as this looks like capitulation as well (when newbies and retail finally throw in their towels), but that doesn’t mean “today”.

We need to see “confirmation of a trend change” before gettin’ all gitty. I’ll explain later….”or” you could just look it up!

Get to work!

Happy Mothers Day Mom! – I Love You So

I struggle to find words sufficient to express – just how grateful and appreciative I am to have a mother as wonderful as mine. Through think ‘n thin, my mother has helped me in more ways she may ever know, and provided me with the tools required to survive this crazy world, and…to have made something of myself.

Selfless and with a heart of gold, my mothers unwavering support goes without question, and not a day goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars to have her.

I love you mom. A single day to celebrate you really doesn’t do you justice. Happy Mothers Day.

From humble beginnings, my mother grew up in a tiny cabin/house on a farm up north, with no heat or running water. Her own mother died when she was only five, and from the tiny bit I “truly” know of it – things weren’t exactly “coming up roses”.

With her father busy working the fields / keeping food on the table for her and her two siblings – it couldn’t have been easy, so at a very early age she set off to the city to chase her own dreams and build a better life for herself.

And so she did. Did she ever.

Through nothing but hard work and perseverance, she and my equally wonderful father went on raise two boys of their own, build houses, buy and sell numerous businesses, take incredible risks, make huge sacrifices – and together create a life for themselves they should be “monumentally proud of”.

I’m monumentally proud.

You done good mom, and I want you to know…..where ever I am on this big blue marble called planet Earth ( or any of the other planets I frequent ) I love you with all my heart, and you are always, ALWAYS right there with me.

Happy Mothers Day. Cheers.

Stops Run – But No Lower Low

When a relatively small group of individuals armed with the most advanced computers known to man control 75-80% of daily trade volume (that’s right – 3 out of 4 trades placed daily are those placed by Wall St. algo/machines), is it really any surprise that yesterday “happened”?

Can you imagine every poor kid with his only 2k / piddly lil trading account jumping in both feet / margined / leveraged to the hilt, thinkin they just made the entry of the century?

It’s sad I know, and I do feel bad for them but….you learn from your mistakes, as I can say from experience – having made many over the years.

I can only assume the big boys took this opportunity to take candy from a baby, as billions poured into markets after the Fed chatter Wednesday afternoon. The U.S Dollar retested and went a wee bit higher ( running all stops on trades placed Wednesday afternoon ) and stocks inversely did exactly the same thing.

These turns don’t happen on a dime, especially one as significant as this….as we look to make the final leg up in this ridiculously overblown nonsensical market – you think the big boys are just gonna let you jump onboard day one?

Don’t Be A Fish – You Might Just Get Snagged

I guess to a certain degree – we all think we know a lot.

Years of staring at charts and indicators. Countless hours pouring over numbers and equations culminating in the idea that…we’ve got this all figured out. And that’s all well and good until of course, we stumble across something that we “don’t know”.

Don’t Be A Fish – You Might Just Get Snagged

Something so outside our current level of understanding, something so outlandish / incredible that we just can’t wrap our heads around it. So in turn, we simply dismiss it and revert back to the safety of those things we feel we “do know”.

Personally, I find wonderment in the things I don’t know. It’s this “not knowing” that keeps me digging, keeps me pushing, keeps me alive. It’s what keeps me humble.

As we get older I think it gets easier and easier to to simply say “hey I know what I know…and that’s enough, don’t go changing it all up on me – I’m good” – but there’s a danger here.

Today’s world of technology is moving at an exponential rate, meaning things don’t just get faster, smarter, taller, smaller bit by bit. They move by 10s, then 100’s, 10,0000, then 100,000,000 so if you don’t jump onboard at some point early enough…’re gonna miss it.

Our current financial system is on the brink of “colossal change”, with digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum leading the charge. Embrace the things you don’t know or understand. Learn more. Push harder.

Do you think fish have any possible concept of biological beings thousands of times larger then themselves, breathing air, walking on land – armed with apparatus designed to “snatch them from their world” floating only inches above their heads? Yet here we are.

Don’t be a fish.

You just might get snagged.

Imminent USD Top – Everything Else Goes Up

Ya everything except gold. Lol.

Before I even start…..quickly ask yourself “what person under the age of 40 do you think will ever EVER EEEEVER in their lifetime consider buying gold?” Go ahead…ask your kids…ask your grand kids. See what they say / know.

Don’t you get it? It’s a dead asset. With the advent of Bitcoin ( a digital gold with a finite supply and no means to manipulate ) there’s not a millennial on the planet that even cares or knows gold’s current price, let alone is “pining away for an entry”.

It’s done. It’s over. It’s been replaced. Stop looking at it and move on.

The U.S Dollar Topping out as I write. You serious can’t make this up. I come out of hiding / throw out a bone and literally “nail it on the day”? It’s the same thing over ‘n over ‘n over n’ over.

When RISK is off ie…..Russia blowing the shit out of Ukraine and the continued fallout of millions of people out of work due to Covid, people freak out and “sell their assets” = right? So which currency do you think benefits from this “macro move”? Do I need to spell it out? UUUUU….SSSSSS…..DDDD.


When RISK is back on…’s simply the opposite. US Dollars flood “out of people’s bank accounts” and “in to stocks / crypto / risk assets in general” ya? You get it? There’s really only one trade…fear = usd up / greed = usd down.

I assume The Fed does it’s thing on Wednesday, fear subsides and it’s all rainbows ‘n sunshine for the rest of the year. Maybe we get outta dodge late November, but let’s take things one step at a time.

You can ask me questions you know…don’t be afraid. I don’t bite – hard.