Equities Exhausted – USD Double Top

It’s been a tough grind here as of late, with such low volume trading leaving so many asset correlations stuck in the mud. Traders looking for the usual “signals” in one asset class with hopes of “putting it all together” have been pushed around and pulled back and forth – left struggling to “find an answer” within the continued “day-to-day chop”.

A tough market to navigate with Central Bankers hiding behind every corner, and with such low volume it would appear that on many days…..the market just seems to be sitting there – doing nothing.

Oil looks to be heading lower here and USD appears tired now sitting at its near term “double top” ( as seen via $dxy ).

Gold’s pullback appears to be resolving itself – sputtering out at a pretty solid area of support around 1292.00, while U.S Equities ( as well EU equities and Japan ) look weak, tired and exhausted.

Does anyone else expect that next weeks “U.S GDP report” will disappoint? And that perhaps markets are “finally considering” things aren’t nearly as rosy as the U.S Media continues to suggest?

It would have to have been “some kind of amazing quarter” ( the past 90 days only ) for the report to make up for the incredible ” -2.9 % loss in growth”  reported in the first quarter now wouldn’t it?

Stars would clearly align with USD moving lower, gold moving higher and “global equities” finally taking a break after the SP 500 has made it nearly 800 days straight without a meaningful correction.

Food for thought moving into next week. Perhaps you’ll want to take a peak at your computer / trade account a little more regularly.

Have a good weekend everyone. Enjoy the sun!



BRICS Nations – Bypass Washington With New Bank

I’m sure you are familiar with the “BRICS” nations ( being Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa ) right?

Well…..disatisfied with The United States “overwhelming influence on global finance” these fellows ( accounting for almost half the world’s population and about a fifth of global economic output ) have recently put their heads together ( and lots of money ) and started “their own” development bank.

The New Development Bank (NDB), formerly referred to as the BRICS Development Bank,is a multilateral development bank operated by the BRICS states (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) as an alternative to the existing World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

The 100 billion dollar bank ( complete with another $100 billion currency reserves pool ) is aimed at funding infrastructure projects in developing nations, and will be based in Shanghai, providing these nations with access to funding “outside” the usual channels of World Bank or IMF funding.

The genie is clearly out of the bottle here, as a growing number of extremely powerful and influential nations continue to move further and further away from Washington’s insane monetary policy and stranglehold on global financial movements.

You wanna impose more sanctions on Russia? You want to keep printing U.S Dollars like toilet paper? Have at it Obama – knock yourself out.

A major game changer here as The NDB has finally arrived.

more here: http://thediplomat.com/2014/07/3-reasons-the-brics-new-development-bank-matters/


A Question? – For Fellow Forex Traders

You are all hotshots – I know.

So…..tell me.

As many of you have suggested “trading the fundamentals” is akin to “reading the entrails of dead animals” ( essentially suggesting that “pure technical analysis” is sufficient ) – what are your thoughts on USD/JPY?

JPY ( Japanese Yen ) being the largest contributing factor in the current and seemingly “never ending rally in risk” ( as Japan’s “printing machine” currently dwarfs that of The United States ) – why isn’t USD/JPY making “massive upside moves” along side the ridiculously manipulated run up in U.S Equities?

If currency markets where “taking the bait” wouldn’t we see USD/JPY bursting higher, then higher, and even higher alongside the current ponzi playing out in U.S Equities?



From a purely technical perspective the chart pattern seen above ( a descending triangle ) is extremely bearish – suggesting that the pair will “eventually break through support” and likely waterfall lower.

The Central Banks of both Japan and The Unites States are hell bent on preventing this from happening but…..would you imagine the opposite?

Risk at all time highs…but the “ultimate suggestion” of risk ( borrowing JPY at 0% and investing it in U.S Equities” in seeking yield ) hasn’t done jack shit for the past 6 months.

I invite you all to weigh in – as fellow readers can only benefit from the potencial “pissing match ” to ensue.

Perhaps a cat’s got your toungue? Or maybe you’re out in the back yard now…looking to kill one and have a good look at it’s insides – with hopes of figuring this out.

Good luck with that.


Video News From Ukraine – No Teleprompter Used

With respect to the downed airliner in Ukraine I wanted to post the following video.

Not to voice an opinion on “who is to blame” for this tragedy but to provide the “average westerner” an opportunity to see / hear “something” other than the usual propaganda smeared across televisions, pointing fingers and placing blame.

We’ve all grown to accustom to the “usual news delivery” with shiny happy plastic people, sitting in fancy news studios, reading off of teleprompters, telling the general populus exactly what they are “supposed to” tell you – often with little “or no” objective view. At least in the example below you at least get a sense of what’s “really going on” as….they are actually there reporting!


Forex, Stocks And Gold – Trading The Week Ahead

The updates trade table offers little in the way of “new trades” here as of this morning, as last Thursday’s “drop” and in turn Friday’s “pop” has left the higher time frames unchanged, and more or less “yellowed the waters” shorter term.




What may be of particular interest to you this week will be USD, and “yes once again” the debate as to which way she’ll go ( with conviction and follow through ) should we see this distribution environment “flip” to something with a little more trend / conviction either way.

We’ve got JPY and its related pairs under the thumb, with eyes on Nikkei if considering to “beef up / add ” to any positions under our current framework. Ideally we’ll want to see JPY “breakout” from it’s ascending triangle moving higher…as “appetite for risk” moves inversely lower.

NZD in particular remains weak here this morning, but Thursday brings with it “another possible rate hike” out of New Zealand. It’s my thinking perhaps they “hold off” on an additional hike here and perhaps markets have already suspected as much but….that’s just speculation.

Still no aggressive trades in EUR, GBP vs USD as I want to give it another day or so to see if  USD turns lower here as I expect it to.

A weak open here as Japan was weak overnight as well EU stocks so…..it remains to be seen of “the machine’s that be” will again step in at the U.S open and work their “usual magic” to keep this thing flying a little longer.

Comments from both The BIS ( Bank of International Settlements) as well the IMF “AND” even The Fed suggesting that it’s getting a little out of hand here – with public perception and the underlying fundamentals now clearly out of touch with reality.

Gold miners entries as of a few days ago remain strong, and the final “short SP 500″ added at 1956.00 ( via Sept 191 puts ) appears to be holding its own.


Want to see what other irons we’ve got in the fire? Come join us in the members area for weekly reports, daily strategies, real-time chat and trading of “anything and everything under the sun” at: www.forexkong.net

Inflation Hits – Coconut And Lime Prices Surge

Considering that I buy 10-12 limes and at least 5 or 6 coconuts per week, not to mention 6-8 avocados and copious amounts of Habanero chili’s, you can imagine that over time, I’ve grown quite accustom to the general price of these items – that being pretty close to zero.

Seriously…if I’d ever imagined “checking and then re checking my receipt” concerned about getting ripped off purchasing any of these standard items well….the thought had never crossed my mind.

Until now.

Limes are through the roof!  The coconuts have tacked on an additional 20% since just last week, and don’t even get me started on the avocados! Outrageous!

Ok….a little humour here as…..it’s really not “outrageous” ( as everything still pretty much costs nothing ) but it does bring about an interesting point / issue.

Inflation is being seen in everything – everywhere.

I am completely dumfounded as to how a single “locally grown” coconut  could possibly cost more than a single can of beer, packaged in its aluminum can with its fancy logo, cold storage, transportation and manufacturing all factored in. Amazing.

The people of Mexico are feeling it too, as recent tax hikes have put pressure on retailers who’ve really had no choice but to raise prices – in turn passing the expense on to the customer.

Have you got an example of inflation in your local area? Something that you’ve noticed as of late that might be “putting the pinch” on spending?

Please do tell as I find it absolutely fascinating to see/hear/ understand how others are seeing this phenomenon manifest in “their” daily lives.

As an aside…..I’m strongly considering buying more beer in the future……..and perhaps saving the coconuts for weekends and special occasions only.

U.S Interests In Ukraine – A Brilliant Synopsis

Cut and past from a fellow named Mike Whitney ( thank you very much Mike ) who can be reached at: fergiewhitney@msn.com as I could not have possibly explained it better myself.

In Ukraine, the US is using a divide and conquer strategy to pit the EU against trading partner Moscow.

The State Department and CIA helped to topple Ukraine’s elected President Viktor Yanukovych and install a US stooge in Kiev who was ordered to cut off the flow of Russian gas to the EU and lure Putin into a protracted guerilla war in Ukraine.

The bigwigs in Washington figured that, with some provocation, Putin would react the same way he did when Georgia invaded South Ossetia in 2006. But, so far, Putin has resisted the temptation to get involved which is why new puppet president Petro Poroshenko has gone all “Jackie Chan” and stepped up the provocations by pummeling east Ukraine mercilessly. It’s just a way of goading Putin into sending in the tanks.

But here’s the odd part: Washington doesn’t have a back-up plan. It’s obvious by the way Poroshenko keeps doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. That demonstrates that there’s no Plan B. Either Poroshenko lures Putin across the border and into the conflict, or the neocon plan falls apart, which it will if they can’t demonize Putin as a “dangerous aggressor” who can’t be trusted as a business partner.

So all Putin has to do is sit-tight and he wins, mainly because the EU needs Moscow’s gas. If energy supplies are terminated or drastically reduced, prices will rise, the EU will slide back into recession, and Washington will take the blame. So Washington has a very small window to draw Putin into the fray, which is why we should expect another false flag incident on a much larger scale than the fire in Odessa. Washington is going to have to do something really big and make it look like it was Moscow’s doing. Otherwise, their pivot plan is going to hit a brick wall.

“Ukraine’s Parliament adopted .. a bill under which up to 49% of the country’s gas pipeline network could be sold to foreign investors. This could pave the way for US or EU companies, which have eyed Ukrainian gas transportation system over the last months.

Boy, you got to hand it to the Obama throng. They really know how to pick their coup-leaders, don’t they? These puppets have only been in office for a couple months and they’re already giving away the farm.

And, such a deal! US corporations will be able to buy up nearly half of a pipeline that moves 60 percent of the gas that flows from Russia to Europe. That’s what you call a tollbooth, my friend; and US companies will be in just the right spot to gouge Moscow for every drop of natural gas that transits those pipelines. And gouge they will too, you can bet on it.

Is that why the State Department cooked up this loony putsch, so their fatcat, freeloading friends could rake in more dough?

This also explains why the Obama crowd is trying to torpedo Russia’s other big pipeline project called Southstream. Southstream is a good deal for Europe and Russia.

On the one hand, it would greatly enhance the EU’s energy security, and on the other, it will provide needed revenues for Russia so they can continue to modernize, upgrade their dilapidated infrastructure, and improve standards of living. But “the proposed pipeline (which) would snake about 2,400 kilometers, or roughly 1,500 miles, from southern Russia via the Black Sea to Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and ultimately Austria. (and) could handle about 60 billion cubic meters of natural gas a year, enough to allow Russian exports to Europe to largely bypass Ukraine” (New York Times) The proposed pipeline further undermines Washington’s pivot strategy, so Obama, the State Department and powerful US senators (Ron Johnson, John McCain, and Chris Murphy) are doing everything in their power to torpedo the project.

“What gives Vladimir Putin his power and control is his oil and gas reserves and West and Eastern Europe’s dependence on them,” Senator Johnson said in an interview. “We need to break up his stranglehold on energy supplies. We need to bust up that monopoly.” (New York Times)

What a bunch of baloney. Putin doesn’t have a monopoly on gas. Russia only provides 30 percent of the gas the EU uses every year. And Putin isn’t blackmailing anyone either. Countries in the EU can either buy Russian gas or not buy it. It’s up to them. No one has a gun to their heads. And Gazprom’s prices are competitive too, sometimes well-below market rates which has been the case for Ukraine for years, until crackpot politicians started sticking their thumb in Putin’s eye at every opportunity; until they decided that that they didn’t have to pay their bills anymore because, well, because Washington told them not to pay their bills. That’s why.

Ukraine is in the mess it’s in today for one reason, because they decided to follow Washington’s advice and shoot themselves in both feet. Their leaders thought that was a good idea. So now the country is broken, penniless and riven by social unrest. Regrettably, there’s no cure for stupidity.

The neocon geniuses apparently believe that if they sabotage Southstream and nail down 49 percent ownership of Ukraine’s pipeline infrastructure, then the vast majority of Russian gas will have to flow through Ukrainian pipelines. They think that this will give them greater control over Moscow. But there’s a glitch to this plan which analyst Jeffrey Mankoff pointed out in an article titled “Can Ukraine Use Its Gas Pipelines to Threaten Russia?”. Here’s what he said:

“The biggest problem with this approach is a cut in gas supplies creates real risks for the European economy… In fact, Kyiv’s efforts to siphon off Russian gas destined to Europe to offset the impact of a Russian cutoff in January 2009 provide a window onto why manipulating gas supplies is a risky strategy for Ukraine. Moscow responded to the siphoning by halting all gas sales through Ukraine for a couple of weeks, leaving much of eastern and southern Europe literally out in the cold. European leaders reacted angrily, blaming both Moscow and Kyiv for the disruption and demanding that they sort out their problems. While the EU response would likely be somewhat more sympathetic to Ukraine today, Kyiv’s very vulnerability and need for outside financial support makes incurring European anger by manipulating gas supplies very risky.

The funny thing about gas is that, when you stop paying the bills, they turn the heat off. Is that hard to understand?

So, yes, the State Department crystal-gazers and their corporate-racketeer friends might think they have Putin by the shorthairs by buying up Ukraine’s pipelines, but the guy who owns the gas (Gazprom) is still in the drivers seat. And he’s going to do what’s in the best interests of himself and his shareholders. Someone should explain to John Kerry that that’s just how capitalism works.

Washington’s policy in Ukraine is such a mess, it really makes one wonder about the competence of the people who come up with these wacko ideas. Did the brainiacs who concocted this plan really think they’d be able to set up camp between two major trading partners, turn off the gas, reduce a vital transit country into an Iraq-type basketcase, and start calling the shots for everyone in the region?

It’s crazy.

Europe and Russia are a perfect fit. Europe needs gas to heat its homes and run its machinery. Russia has gas to sell and needs the money to strengthen its economy. It’s a win-win situation. What Europe and Russia don’t need is the United States. In fact, the US is the problem. As long as US meddling persists, there’s going to be social unrest, division, and war. It’s that simple. So the goal should be to undermine Washington’s ability to conduct these destabilizing operations and force US policymakers to mind their own freaking business. That means there should be a concerted effort to abandon the dollar, ditch US Treasuries, jettison the petrodollar system, and force the US to become a responsible citizen that complies with International law.

This in an absolutely “perfect synopsis” of events currently unfolding in Ukraine….and you’ll have to appreciate the irony with respect to the “false flag” and the mysterious “Malaysian Jetliner now “downed” in Eastern Ukraine”…….a coincidence? A chance event?

I hardly think so.

Go Obama go – you moron!

Microsoft To Cut 18,000 Jobs – Recovery On!

Good morning everyone.

A little frustrated yet? ( Seriously……you can’t make this stuff up. ) Yet another “overnight session” with The Nikkei turned away at the top of this “every lasting range”, SP 500 “breaking its upward trendline” and EU stocks still weak – but hanging on.

Absolutely “agonizing price action” here during these low volume summer days.

Under any “normal circumstances” I’d be pushing the pedal to the metal here considering we are literally “on the cusp” of risk rolling over, and our correction taking place but…..these are certainly not “normal circumstances”. Volatility has been squashed as The Fed and our friendly Central Banks have literally “killed speculation”.

If in general I wasn’t so aggressive / willing to slug it out….some of the best advice I’d give ( at least for new comers ) would be to just keep positions small, and find a way to deal with this “psychologically” as……..it’s really come down to that.

This thing will have you question every single strategy, every single technical indicator and every single you “thought you knew” about trading. Don’t let it get to you. It’s a market condition “rarely seen” and it’s this way by design.

You’d have to imagine that “there really are no people” in the market right now.

With summer holidays in full swing, the general lack of volume, the “overly involved” Central Banks and of course the HFT machines….we’ve really just got “a bunch of computers trading small lots to one another” keepin the dream alive.

We threw fundamentals out the window some time ago.

It looks like Obama is gonna keep poking that stick into the “Russian bee hive” still looking to get some kind of reaction out of the cool , calm and collective Putin who continues to exercise patience. Careful there Obama……keep poking and you might just get stung.

Of course…..that’s what Obama is hoping for, as now it appears he will go  to the absolute lowest levels to provoke Russia, get his “war underway” and keep that reserve currency ponzi going as long as he possibly can. Careful there Obama.

Oh…..and Microsoft announcing they will cut 18,000 jobs this year.

Now if that’s not a sign of economic recovery I don’t know what is??

Kong Buys – Gold And Silver Miners Galore

I’ve started a small portfolio ( actually via Kong Senior up North with his “Canadian loonies” – Hey pop!) including the following names, and harken back to a post from the “grand productive days” before all this blogging and investing got so “serious”.


Mining – Could It Be In Our Genes?

Could the ancient astronaut theory hold true?

That thousands of years ago celestial visitors came to our planet in search of materials needed for their very survival – and in realizing the difficulties in extracting these materials from the ground, developed modern man to essentially do the hard work for them? When you really think about it…..it’s really not that far off.

As a young boy I remember a hoax that played out at my elementary school. A group of the older kids had painted a bunch of small rocks with gold model paint and hid them out in the sand of the school’s playground. Once the word got out….I recall the excitement and anticipation sitting there in my tiny desk, staring at the clock, squirming in my chair, waiting for the bell to ring. “Gold! Gold! – they’ve found gold in the playground!”.

We’d trip over ourselves racing out the door – eager to be the first to lay our hands on even the smallest spec of the glorious stuff. We spent hours on our hands and knees sifting, searching for our fortunes.

In the end…….I never found a single piece.

A silly young boy indeed –  but is it really any different now as adults?

Maybe mining is in our genes.

We’ll see how these little nuggets pay off here in a couple of months.


U.S Debt – A Ton Of Debt, A Pound Of Growth

The following article and series of charts / graphs should scare the living day lights out of you, if you don’t already have a general idea how artifically low interest rates and the “U.S debt situation” fit together.


Shocking when you consider that net interest costs will double in five years, and triple in eight.

So…….The Fed is gonna hold rates at zero forever then?