Mydecine Innovations

Mydecine Innovations Group, Inc. (CSE:MYCO) (OTC:MYCOF) (FRA:0NFA) is Built to Make THE BIGGEST EVER Breakthroughs in Natural Medicine and Virtual Care

Humanity is in a very dark place right now.

Before the year began, we were already dealing with all types of anxiety-inducing issues, from war to famines to diseases and climate change.

But then 2020 happened, and now we’re hit with a barrage of a mentally crippling separation from all that we would turn to in times of crisis: our neighbors, our family, our churches, our schools, our friends, etc.

The global health crisis has created separation, which in turn is creating large amounts of despair.

It has led to an increase in Anxiety, Stress, Addiction, Depression, and Suicides.1

Worldwide, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 1 in 4 people on the planet will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point of their lives—with over 450 Million people suffering from mental illness RIGHT NOW.2

Most people just don’t have the resources available or are unresponsive to current treatments on the market.

And sadly, for those that do, most of the mental health meds being peddled by Big Pharma actually cause more harm than good.

Until now.

What the street’s been searching for is a company that has the types of material advantages that will make it a winner in this blossoming industry.

We’ve discovered a company that has a world-class management and research team behind it, and an undeniably incredible market advantage at the research and API level.

But also, a company with a state-of-the-art telemedicine platform to help connect therapists and patients, during a time when people are being kept apart.

This company is conducting research that could completely revolutionize the mental health field as we know it.

Best of all, this company is undervalued compared to its peers at USD$0.36 per share! The company has closed back-to-back seed rounds of financing,3 including a more than $1.5 million private placement led by Canaccord Genuity,4 and raised more than $4.5 million for the build-out of its state-of-the-art mycology lab and expansion of operations.

Let’s get into why Mydecine Innovations Group, Inc. (CSE:MYCO) (OTC:MYCOF) (FSE:0NFA) is the PREMIER life sciences company at the forefront of researching, developing, and producing psychedelic medicine and a leader in the telehealth industry.

10 Reasons Why Mydecine Innovations Group, Inc., (“Mydecine”) (CSE:MYCO) (OTC:MYCOF) (FSE:0NFA) Could Potentially Be the Best Biotech Play of the Year

    1. Robust clinical trial pipeline, launched world’s first trials for psilocybin against PTSD
    2. Advanced digital telehealth platform to make mental healthcare more affordable and convenient
    3. Introducing new lines of consumer-based fungtional™ mushroom vitality products
    4. World-renowned Medical & Scientific Advisory Board
    5. Deep intellectual property portfolio and patent filing timeline
    6. Unparalleled global relationships with military and veteran organizations
    7. State-of-the-art mycology laboratory for genetic R&D
    8. Robust Health Canada Schedule 1 Drugs and Substances Dealer’s License
    9. First in the world with full capabilities to legally cultivate, extract, conduct R&D, and produce, sell, and distribute certified cGMP pharmaceutical grade psilocybin globally
    10. Built-in USA distribution to the largest retail chains in North America, such as Whole Foods, Kroger, Costco, and HEB

Life sciences company Mydecine Innovations Group, Inc. (CSE:MYCO) (OTC:MYCOF) (FSE:0NFA) is dedicated to developing and producing adaptive pathway medicine, natural health products, and virtual healthcare solutions.

By leveraging strategic partnerships with scientific, medical, military, and clinical organizations, Mydecine is poised to make an incredible impact on what they have dubbed the “fungtional” mushroom market.

It’s led by an incredible management and advisory team, which includes multiple Nobel prize nominations, expertise tied to the monumental North American launch of Red Bull,5 and institutional connections that include ties to NATO, Yale, and the University of Alberta.6

Mydecine Innovations Group, Inc. (CSE:MYCO) (OTC:MYCOF) (FSE:0NFA) is a powerhouse, with advantages that put it right at the top of the booming functional mushrooms market that’s projected to reach +$34 billion by 2024.7

It has EVERYTHING it needs to cover all areas of medicine development, including synthesis, genetic research, import/export, delivery system development, and clinical trial execution, through to product commercialization and distribution.

Out of all of its advantages, perhaps its largest is its relationship with the API (Applied Pharmaceutical Innovations) at the University of Alberta, which holds a Schedule 1 license, which took 11 years to obtain, to research, develop, and produce a number of unique APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) from their naturally-sourced cGMP psychedelic extracts from fungi.

The University of Alberta is recognized as being in the Top 15 for Global Research,8 and is Canada’s #1 AI hub9—as AI continues to play a huge role in these new discoveries.

Right now, researchers are paying $7,000 to $10,000 per gram10 for synthetic psilocybin—whereas MYCO can legally derive and produce the real organic version of the same fungal ingredients..

Mydecine (CSE:MYCO) (OTC:MYCOF) (FSE:0NFA) has launched the World’s First Natural-Sourced cGMP Psilocybin for Global Research, Sales, and Distribution.11

This is an UNTOUCHABLE research and production advantage that Mydecine Innovations Group, Inc. (CSE:MYCO) (OTC:MYCOF) (FSE:0NFA) boasts.

“Mydecine’s breakthrough to legally supply naturally-sourced psilocybin within our spore-to-sale™ process will be a major advancement for mental therapeutics, due to the fact that these unique psychedelic compounds are both safe and effective for afflictions, such as depression, anxiety, addiction, and PTSD.”
– Damon Michaels, COO and Co-Founder of Mydecine

Mydecine Has 3 Key Platforms For Success

Mydecine (CSE:MYCO) (OTC:MYCOF) (FSE:0NFA) is set to complete its goals through its 3 Key Platforms: Mydecine Life Sciences, Mindleap, and NeuroPharm.

  1. Mydecine Health Sciences deals with developing proprietary formulations of novel fungtional™ mushroom vitality products and psychedelic medicine to produce better options for people to live healthier lives.
  2. NeuroPharm™ is the clinical development arm, managing clinical trials through veteran and military channels, including the first-of-its-kind PTSD study, which has been featured in FORBES.
  3. Mindleap Health™ is an advanced digital telehealth platform helping people connect with mental health specialists who can empower them to thrive and develop habits for a healthy mind. Mindleap will also be a dedicated platform for the aftercare of psychedelic therapy.

On top of it all, the company boasts a state-of-the-art lab facility in Colorado,12 allowing MYCO to further capitalize on massive leverage to complete its ongoing mycology research.

Mydecine is also a 50% owner of Alternative Distribution Company (“ALT Distro.”), and already has established relationships with tens of thousands of retail outlets, including HEB, Costco, Whole Foods, Kroger, and more giving it an immediate head-start advantage when their newest products launch.

Top to bottom, Mydecine Innovations Group, Inc. (CSE:MYCO) (OTC:MYCOF) (FSE:0NFA) is a complete package run as a well-oiled machine by experts in business management, marketing, science, and mental health. It’s well-positioned to absolutely dominate the psychedelic medicine market and functional (better yet, “fungtional”) mushroom market.

Mental Health and Telehealth Stocks Outperforming the Street

Before we go into more detail about Mydecine’s business, let’s take a look at how the impact of this crisis has accelerated the growth of drug and telehealth companies.

The growth has been exponentially mind-boggling.

Mydecine Innovations Group, Inc. (CSE:MYCO) (OTC:MYCOF) (FSE:0NFA) has seen tremendous growth and its share price has surged by 346% this year alone.

But, what we love about this company is it’s still in its early stages and one thing you must understand is that not all startups are created equal and we’ll outline the key reasons why Mydecine is a winner.

At $0.58 a share, it’s still priced low enough and at the stage where there is still a lot of blue sky potential if the company hits their goals.

Let’s take a look at Well Health. On January 1, 2019, the stock was $0.33 and it hit a high of $5.40 this year. That is a 1536% gain!

The gains for this industry have been eye-popping and the Canadian stock markets are seeing an unprecedented melt-up right now.

The coverage on psychedelics as medicine has been seen on 60 Minutes,13 Forbes,14 Fox Business,15 NPR,16 Today17 and investor interest is on the rise, with billionaire investors, celebrities, and high-profile execs endorsing the psychedelic medicine market either by joining strategic advisory boards or making sizable investments.18

In fact, there is so much interest in psychedelics medicine that some analysts see the industry bringing in $6.85 billion by 2027.19

Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert cartoon strip, pundit on YouTube and Periscope and resident of Northern California, claims that he took mushrooms once and it was the best day of his life and he no longer felt any limits to his life and career success.


Compass Pathways (backed by ATAI Life Sciences AG), received FDA breakthrough therapy designation on a treatment derived from… magic mushrooms.21

This active medical ingredient in these fungi is “psilocybin”.

In just the last two years, the Food and Drug Administration has twice22 granted “breakthrough therapy” status23 to psilocybin-assisted treatment for major depressive disorder and treatment-resistant depression.

To date, ATAI has successfully raised over US$100 million from major investors such as PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel—and right now they’re currently seeking a US$800 million valuation.24

While ATAI remains a private company, Mydecine Innovations Group Inc. (CSE:MYCO) (OTC:MYCOF) (FSE:0NFA) is giving the public market many of the same reasons to get excited, if not more.

Mydecine and Neuropharm™

Roughly 1 in 5 US adults experience a mental illness (47.6 million people), and a staggering 1 in 25 US adults experience a serious mental illness (11.4 million people), in a given year.25

And those stats were calculated before the lockdowns.

Where are these people going to get the help they need? From pills already available on the market?

Think again.

Sadly, only between 43-64% of those suffering from mental illness have received treatment,26 and MORE THAN HALF of people who take antidepressants never get relief.27

Yet, they continue to be prescribed in greater and greater numbers, with 1 in 10 people over the age of 12 in the US now taking antidepressants, as usage between 1999-2014 increased 64%.28

Something’s gotta give. This is serious.

Finally we’re getting a novel approach to treating severe depression29 and PTSD30—psychedelics.

Leading the way is Mydecine Innovations Group, Inc. (CSE:MYCO) (OTC:MYCOF) (FSE:0NFA) through its wholly owned subsidiary NeuroPharm.

Neuropharm is currently performing the First-of-its-Kind Clinical Trial to study psychedelic (psilocybin) treatments for PTSD in Veterans.31

In collaboration with its strategic partners, Mydecine is deploying evidence-based medicine in the establishment of psychedelic-based therapies addressing the unmet needs of high-risk constituents.32

The NeuroPharm management team is composed of critically acclaimed scientists and upper echelon retired military personnel boasting extensive drug development experience and deep, embedded relationships within the Canadian and U.S. militaries.

Mydecine Innovations Group, Inc. (CSE:MYCO) (OTC:MYCOF) (FSE:0NFA) holds several MAJOR advantages over the competition in the space.

Perhaps the largest advantage is in MYCO’s ability to derive a number of unique Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) from their naturally-sourced cGMP psychedelic fungal extracts.

Mydecine will also be conducting R&D to produce novel proprietary formulations by synergizing psychedelic fungi compounds with other various API’s.

Scientists who want to study psychedelic mushrooms currently have to pay between $7,000 to $10,000 per gram for their materials!33

Mydecine Innovations Group, Inc. (CSE:MYCO) (OTC:MYCOF) (FSE:0NFA) through its partnership with the API at the University of Alberta can produce psilocybin at a fraction of the current market cost, producing the World’s First Natural-Sourced cGMP Psilocybin for Global Research, Sales, and Distribution.34

This is a MAJOR gap, and ultimately perhaps the removal of the most significant barrier to research on the ingredient.

The Doctor Will See You Now

One of the saddest realities about mental health is the prohibitive nature of access to proper care.35

Mydecine and Mindleap Health™

Barriers to access include disparity in insurance coverage, rising costs, and now the added concern over social distancing limiting people’s willingness to receive in-person therapy.

This is where the innovation of Mindleap Health36 (“Mindleap”) a wholly owned subsidiary of Mydecine Innovations Group, Inc. (CSE:MYCO) (OTC:MYCOF) (FSE:0NFA), stands out as a MAJOR tech injection into a sector that desperately needs it.

It’s one of the best use cases for the telemedicine industry. If a patient already suffers from mental health issues. It’s going to take a lot to have them drive to the doctor’s office, wait in the waiting room with other people with similar disorders and then have enough courage to speak to someone in person. Doesn’t it make sense to open up your app at home?

We feel that this is a game changer for this industry.

Mindleap is an AI-powered smart app platform that not only connects patients with their therapists, but also can significantly improve upon monitoring progress, provide follow-up treatment, and give patients other beneficial activities such as meditation, breathing work, and yoga instruction.

The Mindleap Platform37 will provide:

    • Convenient and more affordable access to mental health services
    • Psychedelic aftercare, addiction, and holistic wellness services
    • On Demand access to mental health programs
    • Automated appointment booking and international payments
    • Secure and confidential video sessions
    • Critical tools for improved outcomes and personalized care
    • Easy to use software with fast learning curve for specialists
    • Secured encrypted system that is HIPAA and GDPR compliant
    • High engagement features and gamification that improve user experience
    • Will NOT sell the user information to other companies

Its best outcomes perhaps come from its HIPAA-approved opt-in capabilities of habit tracking—ie. staring at your phone too long, negative messaging, abnormal sleeping patterns, long periods of inactivity and more.

Perhaps most importantly from a value-add standpoint is the useful data that Mydecine Innovations Group, Inc. (CSE:MYCO) (OTC:MYCOF) (FSE:0NFA) can collect from the platform’s connection to clinical environments across the globe from users that opt-in to sharing this data.

Mydecine’s Outstanding Team of Experts

Now, what will truly blow everyone away is the management team of experts that are backing this company. Take a look at these accomplishments:

    • 100+ published peer-reviewed studies / papers
    • World-class team coming from Pfizer, Novartis, Yale, Imperial College and Canadian, US and EU Militaries
    • Proven drug development and approval experience
    • 30+ years of combined psychedelic industry experience
    • Accomplished entrepreneurs, multiple successful exits
    • 7-Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

This is a STACKED team!

David “Josh” Bartch, Director, CEO, Bartch’s entrepreneurial career took off in 2009 when he co-founded and founded the Denver-based dispensary, Doctors Orders. Following these ventures, Mr. Bartch founded a boutique investment firm that operated throughout the U.S. and Canadian markets. In 2014, Bartch co-founded, the USA’s most significant legal and sophisticated cannabis wholesale platform. In 2015, was acquired by Helix TCS.
Damon Michaels, Director, COO & Co-Founder, Michaels’ operational, business management, and strong networking background has helped him drive many companies forward. Coming from the world of action sports to a Google Ventures (GV) company, starting a sustainability business, along with heavy involvement throughout the many verticals of the legitimate cannabis industry, Damon has really “been there and done that.” Damon’s last big endeavor prior to Mydecine was being one of the key principals at a company called, ebbu LLC. ebbu was the first US company to legally research the pharmacology of cannabis and file heavy IP assets, which was eventually acquired by Canopy Growth for CA$429 million in November of 2018.
Robert “Rob” Roscow, MA, CSO & Co-Founder, Roscow is a highly educated geneticist and has spent his academic and professional careers looking for valuable and unique medicinal molecules found in nature. The last two companies that Robert applied his innovations to were ebbu Canopy Growth, where he ran their genetics divisions. Rob has already leveraged an expertise in genomics, evolution and molecular biology to maximize the industrial production of cannabinoids and their use in a pharmacological context. This work has resulted in multiple patent filings and accolades in publications ranging from Nature to Rolling Stone. Now, Mr. Roscow has set his focus on the vast healing potential of fungi.
Professor Eric Vermetten MD, Ph.D. Colonel, an internationally recognized leader in the treatment of PTSD and other mental disorders and an active Colonel of the Dutch military. He is also professor of Medical-Biological and Psychiatric Aspects of Psychotrauma, LUMC/University of Leiden. The chair was established by Arq Psychotrauma Research and the Dutch Ministry of Defense. Eric Vermetten is an active clinical psychiatrist at the MGGZ in Utrecht (Military Mental Health care). From 1991 he has been linked to several universities as a researcher, including Stanford University, California, Yale Univ, New Haven CT, Emory Univ, Atlanta. Dr. Vermetten has published over 300 articles and book chapters on topics ranging from large longitudinal studies following soldiers’ deployments to innovative approaches to treatment. He continues to be a leader within the international psych traumatology community within NATO and beyond.
Dr. Rakesh Jetly, OMM, CD, MD, FRCPC is currently the Head of the Centre of Excellence on Mental Health in Ottawa, Ontario, and an associate professor of psychiatry at Dalhousie University (Halifax), and the University of Ottawa. He has published numerous articles in professional journals and presents nationally and internationally on such topics as post-traumatic stress disorder and operational psychiatry. Dr. Jetly has previously held various professional positions as a psychiatrist, including: Director of the “Operational Trauma and Stress Support Centre,” Atlantic Region (2000-2008); Chief Resident in Psychiatry, S͘t Michael’s Hospital (1999-2000); and Senior Medical Officer for the “Canadian Contingent United Nations Middle East” in Israel (1993-1994).
Malireddy Srinivasulu Reddy, Ph.D. As a 7-time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Dr. Reddy is the founder and president of Denver-based American Dairy and Food Consulting Laboratories and International Media and Cultures (IMAC Inc.). He holds over 150 U.S. and international patents and has published over 80 scientific articles on dairy starter cultures, probiotics, pharmaceuticals, and complementary alternative medicines pertaining to probiotics.
Rachel Yehuda, Ph.D. Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience, is the Director of the Traumatic Stress Studies Division at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, which includes the PTSD clinical research program and the Neurochemistry and Neuroendocrinology laboratory at the James J. Peters Veterans Affairs Medical Center. She received her PhD in Psychology and Neurochemistry and her MS in Biological Psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and completed her postdoctoral training in Biological Psychiatry in the Psychiatry Department at Yale Medical School.
Carl Castro is the research director for the USC Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans and Military Families. Castro has served in a variety of research and leadership positions, including commander of the U.S. Army Medical Research Unit-Europe in Heidelberg, Germany; chief of the Department of Military Psychiatry at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Washington, D.C.; and director of the Military Operational Medicine Research Program, Headquarters, U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, Fort Detrick, Md. Castro has authored more than 150 scientific articles and reports in numerous areas and currently serves as chair of a NATO research group on military mental health training. He serves as an advisor for several Department of Defense research panels focused on psychological health.
Jim Gunning, Chief Marketing Officer With more than two decades of experience in the world of marketing, Gunning is a master of developing sales and marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies. As one of the original employees at Red Bull North America™, Gunning played a critical role as Sports Marketing Director for 10 years straight, developing the company from a small start-up to a global brand with sales generating hundreds of millions of dollars annually in North America alone; working closely with the Red Bull’s domestic and global sales and marketing teams to maximize all activation opportunities throughout the organization, including PR, Content, Collegiate, Culture, Events, Trade and Online Interactive departments while managing a multi-million dollar marketing budget.

7 Key

Investment highlights the market CAN’T IGNORE About Mydecine Innovations Group, Inc. (CSE:MYCO) (OTCQB:MYCOF) (FRA:0NFA):


Outstanding management, research teams, partners (military, scientists, researchers) and a chief marketing expert from Red Bull, as well as a distribution arm already serving 10s of thousands of retail outlets.


Controlled Drugs and Substances Schedule 1 Dealer’s Licenses from Health Canada that allow MYCO the ability to cultivate, import, export, extract, and commercialize psilocybin and other functional mushroom products.


Technology and Analytics from the Mindleap platform that’s connected to clinics across the globe, providing TONS of data that’s privacy protected, and can improve upon the AI capabilities of this state-of-the-art telemedicine service.


Equipped for industry leading research through 7,500 sq ft Colorado Lab and access to Top 15 Global Research through the University of Alberta.


Low cost cultivation that’s capable of deriving APIs from mushrooms at a cost of pennies per gram when scientists are currently paying $7,000-$10,000 per gram for synthetically derived ingredients, giving HUGE leverage to complete clinical studies.


First-of-its-Kind clinical trials (featured in Forbes), with a current pipeline of 8 studies lined up through 2021, through 7 different respected research institutions.


Distribution in place through Alternative Distribution which has access to 10s of thousands of retail outlets, including Costco, Whole Foods, and Kroger.




Please read our disclaimer notice here: Disclaimer Notice and Privacy Policy

Gaps Now Filled – Apple And Tech Stocks Maxed Out

Depending on your general trade knowledge, you may or may not consider “gaps in charts” as being significant but….

You need to understand this.

Let’s have a look at Apple for an example:

Gaps Get Filled So Order Book Reconciles

Gaps Get Filled So Order Book Reconciles

You can cleary see the small “gap” in the price chart back in Feb.

Gaps are areas on a chart where the price of a stock (or another financial instrument) moves sharply up or down, with little or no trading in between. As a result, the asset’s chart shows a gap in the normal price pattern.

Orders that have been placed in this general “price zone” are essentially caught up in the system so when a stock price gap is observed, by a chance of 91.4% it will get filled in the future. In layman’s terms, 9 in 10 gaps get filled; not always, but pretty close.

Now that the gap “has been filled” in both Apple’s chart as well the Naz in general….the door is essentially “totally wide open” for prices to “now fall”.

This “bounce” has been epic but make no mistake….now that Naz gaps are filled, these 5 big stocks( FAANG)  that are essentially “driving this bounce” ( thru buy backs / not true retail investing ) can roll over on the realities of coming earnings news. = the most horrible print any of these will ever report.

Every investor group on the planet knows that global GDP, is gonna print some of the worst numbers in our lifetimes in the coming quarter. The stock market is now just machines, as essentially 80% of America is flat busted…let alone the government.

Hold or sell? You know where I’m at. If you’ve weathered this storm or even better…made good on this bounce – my hat goes off to you. Truly incredible you all should be very proud.

If you want to hold on to any of the gains… would be a good time to do so.





Get Macro – The Wilshire 5000 Index

Have you ever followed / watched the charts on the Wilshire 500?

What the hell “is” the Wilshire 500?

The Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index, or more simply the Wilshire 5000, is a market-capitalization-weighted index of the market value of all US-stocks actively traded in the United States.

As of December 31, 2019, the index contained 3,473 components.

The index is intended to measure the performance of most publicly traded companies headquartered in the United States, with readily available price data, (Bulletin Board/penny stocks and stocks of extremely small companies are excluded). Hence, the index includes a majority of the common stocks and REITs traded primarily through New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, or the American Stock Exchange. Limited partnerships and ADRs are not included.

It can be tracked by following the ticker W5000.

A look at the current status:

Wilshire 5000 Index

Wilshire 5000 Index

It’s fair to say that “stock picking” during this tenuous time can be “extremely difficult” whether you are looking to get short OR remain long…..

Sometime a wider view of “macro markets” can give you a better idea as to “where we are at”….as traders have a tendency to get “tunnel vision” on a specific stock or two…then grow frustrated in not understanding the “broader market trends”.

At this point it’s fair to say that the macro damage to this chart will take considerable time to repair. We’ve now retraced a good 50 – 68% of the entire fall, and things finally appear to be stalling out.

Bulls are gonna need “a whole lot more squiggles” to even consider this a “V Shaped Recovery”.

Most of the “good news” is now cooked in with the Fed in full effect, and the tech companies first quarter earnings done ( short of Apple’s miss tonight ).

I would encourage longs / bulls to again “seriously think about taking some profits here”.

I’m popping in short for a few days here.


Hopium Is Not A Plan – Case For New Lows

You all know I trade with a very keen eye on the technicals, “coupled” with an “extremely keen eye” for the fundamentals.

I think we can all agree……the fundamental picture is clear. The bubble has been popped ( as foreseen many MANY months ago ) and the “recovery” will be an arduous journey spanning months ‘n months “if not years” if we consider the sociological and even cultural impact.

Do you honestly think things will simply “get back to normal”? Do you really think you’ll be shaking strangers hands / interacting in society “as per usual” in coming days / months? If ever?

Perhaps you’ve already second guessed your “humanitarianism” walking by a stranger in a mask? Or if I dare suggest…”someone from China”??? ( oooooooooooh ) = ridiculous. He he he….caught you. Shame on you really. Shame on us.

You don’t even exchange eye contact…and god forbid you actually “touch”.

You think you’re gonna get all “warm ‘n snuggly” a few months from now? Common…….yet expectations are that the ENTIRE WORLD just gets back to “normal”? Please.

Technically – here is a look at what a “typical” next wave down would look like, considering the severity:

Next Wave Down - One Scenario To Consider

Next Wave Down – One Scenario To Consider

Take it for what it is. We COULD rally a touch further, as its impossible to nail it exactly but..

If you don’t have a plan ( whether it is the right plan or not ) you stand zero chance of effectively trading this.

“Hopium is not a plan”.



Prepare For The Next Leg – Lower

Ya ya….I get it. You don’t want to hear it.

“Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows..Everything that’s wonderful…blah blah blah. Yes yes well…..such is not the case – currently.

Social Distancing From Kong

Social Distancing From Kong

I can go on and on with a million “technical reasons” this market will roll over ( and take another leg lower ) then I could spend days ‘n days outlining the “fundamental reasons” this market will roll over ( and take another leg lower ) – but you don’t want to hear that.

I guess a firm recognition, and solid understanding of “what we’ve just witnessed” is necessary, in order to formulate a reasonable idea of “where we’re headed next”.

You get it…obviously.

We have just witnessed the largest economic / market “TURN” of our lifetimes.

You would honestly have to be living under a rock to even “consider” this a “passing concern” or a “blip”.

World governments throwing everything / literally “everything they’ve got” at keeping populations calm and assured that monetary relief will come, and that everything will be fine.

Small businesses will die and never come back. Earnings reports over coming quarters will puke, mortgage market may implode, dollar printing will accelerate at such a pace as to “keep up” with the flood of bailouts / defaults / support programs etc…..take your pick.

This is not a bottom – this is a “dead cat bounce”, which looks to be in jeopardy of rolling over “even sooner” than I might have expected.

Do what you will….but do yourself a favor.

This is the beginning – not the end.

I am LOOKING SHORT and will plan accordingly over literally………the next 48 hours.





USD Double Top = Change In Direction

Scary Thought: the Fed just injected in one week almost the entire amount of liquidity it did in all of QE2 and it is barely enough to keep stocks from plunging.

The mass selling of stocks = massive amounts of U.S Dollars coming into the pool no? Sell your shit….what have you got?

Cash yes. Dollar index rises. Eezy Peezy.

All those margin calls and portfolio liquidations ( of whatever is still left ) have to go into “something” right?

= Cash. Yes.

= U.S Dollar and Japanese Yen as……these are the currencies that are so rapidly printed and used to fuel these bubbles, as they can be borrowed at near 0% interest.

When shit hit’s the fan….everybody sells stocks….and these two currencies rise “dramatically” in the wake. Kapeeeeesh? It’s call “repatriation”.


The U.S Dollar Double Top

The U.S Dollar Double Top

This “Dollar Double Top” is effectively “done”.

USD now to be printed to the degree we’ve never seen before….

Scary Thought: the Fed just injected in one week almost the entire amount of liquidity it did in all of QE2 and it is barely enough to keep stocks from plunging.


The Bounce Cometh – Closing Shorts

There is divergence everywhere……the down move has been historical.

It’s getting close to “bounce time”.

I assume we make a short term bottom here in coming days….then bounce thru April. This could very well be an “epic” bounce – but please keep in mind – a bounce all the same.

Hot Air Kong

I’m closing shorts, and keeping a very close eye on The U.S Dollar as we now know the Fed will begin formal QE operations once again ( hmmm…….I remember saying something about that months ago )

You know what that means right? Printing more confetti = US Dollar Down. Stocks will bounce and USD will fall. Thursday’ish?

This trade is setting up 100% totally classic Kong.

We bounce before the “real downturn” begins.

Bitcoin Becomes Digital Gold – May 18th

Well….not May 18th “exactly” but right in / around there somewhere.

With May’s Bitcoin halving event drawing ever closer, Coinbase recently took to pushing the “Bitcoin as digital gold” narrative. In a tweet-storm to promote an accompanying blog-post published Feb. 7, it covered the key reasons why the halving and subsequent supply rate reduction will further cement that link.

btc gold

btc gold

Scarcity creates value

Since the gold standard was broken in 1971, the dollar’s value has declined and gold’s value, in dollar terms, has risen over 4000%. Gold has more value than similar metals such as copper due to its relative scarcity and difficulty to acquire.

Bitcoin has been designed to be scarce like gold and is very difficult to acquire through the Proof-of-Work process of mining. However, it also has an advantage over gold in being transferable through a communications channel.

Coinbase concluded:

“Armed with a myriad of technological advantages, accelerating development, and maturing global market, Bitcoin is a store of value to rival gold in the digital age.”

Halving increases scarcity

The supply of Bitcoin is limited by design, with new tokens being minted as a reward every time a block of transactions is mined. The initial reward level of 50 BTC per block has already undergone two halving events, bringing it down to the current 12.5 BTC per block.

After the May 2020 halving, mining rewards for each new block, mined approximately every ten minutes, will reduce to 6.25 BTC. This will bring the supply issuance of Bitcoin to a rate of around 1.7% per annum.

Stock-to-flow (S2F) is a measure of new supply rate over total supply, and post-halving, Bitcoin’s S2F scarcity will be on a par with gold’s.

“Gold’s stock to flow is higher than any other metal commodity, and bitcoin is set to soon follow,” notes Coinbase.

Why Bitcoin Has Value

Why Bitcoin Has Value

No value without demand

S2F forecasts for the price will fail if there is no demand, and this holds true for fiat money, as much as any other commodity. As central banks increase the money supply, economies can sometimes prosper. However, if money supply overwhelms demand then hyperinflation events can occur.

Such events drive demand for safe havens such as gold and Bitcoin, and recent economic fear is reaching all-time highs, according to the Global Economic Policy Uncertainty Index.

This, along with Bitcoin’s myriad of technological advances and accelerating development, justifies Bitcoin’s title as digital gold, according to Coinbase.

Me? I couldn’t agree more.

Ask yourself this……how many millennials will “ever” “EVER” consider buying Gold?


Recession Is Already Here – Prepare For Disapointment

I don’t know what all the doom ‘n gloom is about. Considering the “12 year run straight up” –  doesn’t it just makes sense ( as we’ve seen repeated time and time again ) that things take their “more than expected” turn lower?

This is far to early in the daily cycle to consider “a bottom” and we’ve also got to take into consideration the weekly, monthly and yearly cycles now in play.

There are millions of ways to play down turns via Vix purchase or short U.S.D trades….there’s inverse ETF’s and crypto currency which is now expected to rise moving into the Bitcoin halving. One could even consider gold but as you’ve recently seen –  Bitcoin is the new gold. 



Most overvalued stock market ever

Tavi Costa and Kevin Smith of Crescat Capital presented their updated macro model in a recent YouTube video. This is a good article:

Based on fundamental measures they track, the stock market is the most overvalued it has ever been. They describe it as a “speculative mania,” adding that the measurements are higher than the tech bubble.

But people still think this time will be different? Isn’t this the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over with expectations of a different result?