Bitcoin IS The New Gold – Next Stop 10k = EASY

The bottoming at / around 6400.0 USD ( give or take like 500 bucks in either direction ) confirms it.

Flat out…..Kong laying it out there? I don’t imagine we’ll EVER see this level / price again “pending” one more retest / rinse ( it might only take half a second ) then……..BAM.

10k USD next stop.

Kong says buy BTC

Kong says buy BTC

Then……once the “big round number” passes……I don’t imagine the need to “ever” re test where buyers can be found. Today’s action unto itself suggesting that this thing is bullet proof / buyers galore at these levels. These levels being “cheap as shit” if you wrap your head around what we are witnessing.

Game changing technology. Financial systems on their ear. Power to the people and all that jazz….yes..oh yes – this is happening. It’s happening right now.

The wash out is complete.

The early adopters have had their dreams realized. The early “speculators” have taken their profits and are headed my way. Now……Wall St. has been given their opportunity to “hit the reset button” and get their money into the crypto game. Now complete.

It’s simple.

Buy like a mofo and ignore the day to day volatility “long enough” to get into profit – but don’t wait too long.

7800.00 suuuuuure beats 10,500 USD entry.

If you don’t have 7800.00 bucks ( why are you reading here? ) no no…….check the symbol “GBTC” and compare the charts. You can essentially own / trade Bitcoin for as little as 15 – 17 bucks a share so…..get at it!










Blockchain Into The Close = Bottom Baby!

Any of you dorks ( not my beloved / avid readers of course ! ) notice the BUY in blockchain related names into the close, and in turn….the entire cryptocurrency market?

Thought not.

Here in lies the problem.

The market and it’s bonehead participant ( yes that’s you! ) don’t have the brain matter to differentiate / distinguish the difference between a “blockchain company” and a freaking cryptocurrency.

This entire sector ( as diverse as it is ) continues to trade as if a blockchain mining company ( soon to be de-listed / go belly up, with 5 warehouses full of beat up old computer hardware ) and a cryptocurrency ( tron or bitcoin for example ) are essentially the same.

Dumb = wrong.

How bout companies such as (BIGG) – Big Blockchain Intelligence Group ( UP 28% today alone! ) – who are currently doing some “seriously cutting edge blockchain development” in both the financial and law enforcement arena? You don’t think this is the bottom/rinse of the speculators? You don’t think this suggests “buy time”?

Dumb = wrong.

BIGG - Bottom is in Baby!

BIGG – Bottom is in Baby!


The bottom is in, so now its up to you…… Bitcoin, buy blockchain…..screw gold? ( please…..crypto IS the new gold! )

You got the nuts to get out there and take advantage?

Thought not.






Cryptos Bottom Today – Buy Tron and Bitcoin

I’m going to give you something valuable here today  – considering how rarely I post these days.

The infrequency of posts here at Kong can “always be correlated” to the “amount of money I’m making”.

Let me explain……

Understanding Cycles

Everything is cyclical. Everything. You live you die… reshape/transform – then giver another go. Humans are cyclical thusly……markets are cyclical. Ah yes… the markets……what better way to watch human beings in “real-time” making the simple decisions of the day. Buy….I sell….I hold…..all there, each and every day in the form of a simple candle stick stock chart. Data. Humans making decisions.


The Cryptocurrency markets are currently working on a 52 day cycle. Today / tomorrow will represent the current “bottom” of the previous cycle…and the “beginning” of a new daily cycle.

52 days.

Here’s a weekly chart ( NOTE! We did not break the low of early April )

BTC Weekly

BTC Weekly


Now zoom into the daily chart and start counting since the previous low:

BTC Daily

BTC Daily

I’ve got about 32 days UP……then a full 20 er so days DOWN. But still….A HIGHER LOW!

So……if you’re smart – you buy today……and if you fancy yourself a “trader” well…….you start looking to book profits approx 30 trading days from now.

Me? I’m so deep into crypto / in the money – I may very well be one of those that never sells…short of needing a lil’ cash for beers and the odd fishing trip. All good here.



Buy The Dip – Next Week Rips Higher

It’s been a real tricky one here folks. The pullback…..the volatility in general but….

For those of you with dry powder, the daily cycle has now most certainly confirmed a “new daily cycle” ( as of Wednesday ) so…..I’d be a buyer here this morning – seeing markets down pre-market could be a nice little opportunity.

Don’t let the jobs data phase you. It’s the same bullshit / phoney baloney U.S economic recovery we’ve been hearing about for what – years now? Don’t let the data get in your way – just buy stocks here “again” and keep a watchful eye on the highs.

american gorilla

                                                          american gorilla buys the dip

Stock Market Bottom – Extended Crypto Cycles

Ok ok…don’t get too excited all right? Please….

You as a stock trader / investor obviously………looking for some kind of direction / light at the end of the tunnel / idea of the future / means to make a decision. Fair enough.

As suggested earlier –  the volatility ( in my view ) certainly indication of something larger…..something looming…something ominous.. something – unknown.

Something you just can’t put your finger on  ( or more likely – “are unwilling to do so” ) as “you” as well  – see it so clearly.

Something’s not right. You know it. Your gut knows it. I know you know it. You know that I know – you know it. Son of a bitch ‘eh?

cryptos ready to go

            cryptos ready to go

Simply put. I see the daily cycle in both stocks as well cryptos as being “extremely stretched” ( some 50 days now ) with thought in mind that……as the algo’s change ( from buy to sell ) the bumps in the road get larger….the time between cycles get wider….”everything” starts pushing you to the limits of your psychological ability to “hang in there” and keep trading / soldiering on.

We will now push to new highs ( or very, very close ) in equities……and cryptos will rebound.

It will be at this point ( near the all time highs in equities ) that I challenge your psychological being once again……

Consider equities topping out at this point ( near new highs / possibly a notch higher ) then some incredible instance where billions fall out of equities markets, only to land on every coin / crypto they possibly can at rock bottom prices.

Sector rotation? Can you consider cryptocurrencies a sector yet? ( 300 billion dollar market cap at present..hmmmm….) Guess it’s just a fad.

Tulips baby….cryptotulips.




Time Travel – Stock Markets – Cryptos ‘n Space

Time travel is a bitch you know….

You feel as though you’ve only been gone for a second yet…. on return soon realize things have really changed. I mean like………really changed.

It’s been a fairly long time…and I apologize for that. Travelling the cosmos in search of new technologies is an arduous task yet incredibly satisfying when you hit your mark. Unfortunately this time I’ve come back to Earth somewhat empty handed, realizing that for the most part……seemingly…Earth itself is the current “hot bed of activity” with respect to new technologies and advancement.

What do you know eh?… if only we could stop killing each other, and perhaps slow the rate of environmental destruction to a crawl – maybe there’s a chance Elon gets a few of his supporters up to Mars before Trump nukes Korea. Bravo Elon….you’re on the right track brotha.

As I said….things have changed quite dramatically since my last visit.

Looking into markets, I continue to invest heavily in cryptocurrencies as ( if you don’t quite get the full picture – totally understandable and not unlike the vast majority of people ) this being the point exactly.

We stand on the cusp of a new era. A new beginning. A fresh start for those a generation behind, where “old money” still struggles with the concept. Totally understandable. It’s wild. It’s nutty……but it “is” the future, and it “will” change the face of our current economic system. There is incredible opportunity here so please….don’t sell yourself short. You can do it. You can learn this. You’ll get it. I promise.



Litecoin. Research it. Bitcoin…will inevitably become a “store of value” much like gold exists in our current paradigm. Understand it. Tron/TRX  is a token out of China that I have 100% confidence will provide 100X returns over coming years ( yes I said years ) so throw that on your radar as well. Justin Sun ( Tron’s creator ) is the protegé of Jack Ma ( I bet you know what Alibaba is no? ) so imagine when these guys put a few more deals together. Tron gonna fly.

As for Forex……well. My long-term predictions on the “ultimate demise of the U.S dollar” are obviously coming to fruition. This dog has been tanking now for months ( nailed it / killed it / banked coin ) and to be honest…….I’ve completely lost interest. There is no debate. The U.S Dollar will continue to fall, and with the advent of cryptocurrencies….likely harder / faster than originally suggested.

You can STILL short USD – like……Monday morning.

Stocks are insane…..I’m not touching them with a ten foot laser beam as…..the volatility ( -724 type days ) is a larger indication of the Wall St. machines “slowly” switching the algos to “sell”. Cover your asses….keep profits / hang on to cash and stop considering “this will go up forever” – cuz it won’t. Catch what you can over coming months but…….I’m 100% out of stocks….short of the continued rise in Canadian marijuana companies.

It will take a single headline these days ( Trump impeachment ?? ) to wipe out every single nickel you’ve made over the past year so…….take heed. Party on.






A Day ‘er Two Early So What? – Cryptos Bottom!

I’ve got little to add……the crypto space has now bottomed with Bitcoin retracing to the full 61.8 Fib mark.

For those of you “chickens” still not interested in getting a Crypto Account – you can research the stock symbol GBTC – Bitcoin Investment Trust – I just bought 10k at 11.75

This thing will move up as bitcoin does.

Have atter….I’m off to to purchase more Tron at .04 cents




Crypto Space To Bounce – Bitcoin and All

The recently created futures contract in Bitcoin expired here on January the Wall St boys should be “about done” with the crypto beat down ( so they can just buy lower ).

This coupled with the Chinese new year “spending splurge” ( where millions of people across Asia and the rest of the planet dump assets in order to send money home or buy ceramic cats ).

An interesting set of circumstances don’t you think? With concerns over Korean crypto exchanges sprinkled on top this has all compounded into the most serious pullback we’ve seen EVER!


cryptos ready to go

cryptos ready to go

The question begs… you believe in crypto currencies or not? Seriously……do you BELIEVE in crypto currencies or not?

Pullback complete…..Ripple good, Litecoin good…Bitcoin good. Everything good!



Kong Buys More Cryptos! – Tron and Cardano

Ok so here’s the deal.

You’re seeing all this activity in the big cryptos such as Ripple, Bitcoin and Ethereum still doing very well. But! – You can’t find a way to get in on ALL THESE OTHER ALT COINS with incredible technology and incredible potential, such as TRON and CARDANO.

I have a work around for both Canadians and U.S visitors as I have endured endless hours researching to get this right.

If you are Canadian…first start an account at QuadrigaCX via this link:

This account can easily be connected to your Canadian bank account. Very low fees and extreme ease of use. You can then buy the biggies such as ETH, BTC and LTC – IN CANADIAN CURRENCY! Excellent!

Once you’ve got some skin in the game / BTC purchased… can then go through the simple process of transferring to other platforms such as and

I’ve just bought a shit load of both TRON ( TRX/USD ) as well CARDANO ( ADA/USD ) as both these coins / technologies have far more upside potential than the now “dated Bitcoin”. Great coin….but these smaller companies have now improved the technology so significantly……Bitcoin has opened the flood gates, but won’t be the worlds adopted platform.

Kong Celebrates A Little Early

Kong Buys TRON and CARDANO



Check Your Heads – Cryptos Up – USD Tanking

Let’s count the days since calling “short USD at will”.

Check yer levels and check your heads – this thing is going “full retard” ( please forgive the movie / quote reference – I didn’t say it….I don’t agree with it but just said it anyway – Movie: Tropic Thunder = hilarious)

Count the days since suggesting to buy Lite Coin…..Xmas MORE THAN PAID FOR!

Your News Years Resolutions: ( not mine )

  1. Start Crypto Currency account. ( Kong will advise ).
  2. Stop worrying ( starting a crypto account will take care of this )
  3. Mentally prepare for one of the most exciting years of your life.

Anyone got a problem here?

We don’t sit idle. We don’t “wait”.

We go easy make nice……..but we move forward!

Kong Strong

Kong Strong

Hope you all had a merry ho ho ho.

Get bent if you’re not back at the charts.

It’s time to get to work.